Lawnmower Accident Leaves Girl With 200 Stitches Down Middle of Face

July 9, 2018 Last Updated: July 9, 2018

A 10-year-old girl from Minnesota, who sustained a skull fracture following a lawnmowing accident, is being praised for her bravery, Fox News reported.

Skylar Hedstrom, from Hoffman, was watching her dad mow the lawn on June 9, when a blade from the lawnmower detached and hurled toward her forehead.

The blade, which detached after the lawnmower ran over a tool, had cut through the top right side of Skylar’s forehead, exposing her skull.

“It kind of felt like I got hit by a dodgeball,” Skylar said.

Spurred by his screaming wife, Brian Hedstrom, Skylar’s father, jumped off the mower and put a rag on Skylar’s forehead.

“I jumped off, turned around and she was standing there, covered in blood. It was the scariest thing I’ve seen in my whole life,” Skylar’s father said.

First responders arrived at the scene and were met with a calm Skylar.

“She’s a strong little woman and such an impressive little girl,” first responder Fire Chief Joey Nessman said. “I knew it wasn’t life-threatening. She was extremely, extremely lucky. It could have been worse.”

Skylar was taken to a hospital in Alexandria; doctors then transferred her to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo for specialized treatment from a pediatric neurologist and cranial doctor.

Skylar received 200 stitches.

“The cranial doctor glued it back together,” Brian told “He said he glued it together.”

Brian told that he felt responsible for what happened and will now check his lawn before he starts mowing.

“I’m just happy she’s alive,” he said. “This could’ve been so much worse.”

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