Las Vegas Concertgoers Describe Terrible Ordeal

Witnesses are dealing with the trauma of being shot at — and of not knowing the fate of their wounded loved ones, a day after a man opened fire at a Las Vegas concert. Bill Shermett thought the pops he heard were fireworks, when the shooting erupted Sunday night in Las Vegas. Then he turned to his girlfriend, Dana, and saw blood. Shermett told BuzzFeed News Monday outside Sunrise Hospital, “She said, ‘I was hit. I tried to find her wounds and cover them so they’d stop bleeding. She had blood in her lungs and her arm was open.” Shermett tried carrying Dana out of the concert, As the shooting continued at the Route 91 Harvest festival. Again and again, though, he said, new volleys of gunshots rang out and forced them to the ground. All around, it was chaos.