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Larry Elder Reflects on Virginia’s Governor Race and Compares It to California’s

Virginia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe conceded Wednesday after projections indicated he lost the race to Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin, a former CEO, was projected to have won by approximately 67,000 votes of over 3.2 million cast. He gave a victory speech around 1 a.m. Wednesday, calling the development “amazing.”

Why? The Democrats’ Terry McAuliffe is using the same playbook that Gavin Newsom used against the California recall campaign—calling it a Trump-led Republican takeover. But Virginia isn’t California.

California is about 50 percent Democrat, 25 percent “No Party Preference” (Independent), and 25 percent Republican. That built-in advantage is essentially unmatched in the nation. Virginia is 38 percent Republican, 35 percent Democrat, and 25 percent Independent. And the Republican is not going to be outspent 10 to 1; the spending is even. Finally, the candidates actually debated. Gavin Newsom refused to debate and the media didn’t pressure him to do it.

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