Lady Who Couldn’t Conceive Meets the Man of Her Dreams, Now They’re a Family of 7

May 4, 2019 Updated: May 9, 2019

Motherhood is a wonderful gift, and only those women who are mothers know how fulfilling life is with  their children. Imagine how shattered a woman would be if she found out she could never have a child of her own.

Still and all, Heather Crock, an adoptive mom, discovered that a family does not have to be made from blood.

When Heather was 6 weeks old, doctors discovered that her ovaries were not hooked up right. By the time she was 13, she found out that she would never be able to have children. As she grew older, she dreaded the thought of having to disclose this fact to her partner.

Then Jason, a single dad to two wonderful kids, walked into her life. The duo fell madly in love, and married.

Posted by Heather Crockett Oram on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Just before their engagement, Heather broke down and revealed the biggest secret of her life—she would never be able to birth their own child.

After the revelation, Jason simply grabbed her and told her that it didn’t matter how their children came to them. He said, “They would be OUR children.”

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After the couple was approved to adopt, they decided against using the services of an agency. They worried that agencies were a little dubious, especially given how pricey they can be—$55,000 when all is said and done.

Moreover, ultrasounds and blood tests can be faked online. The couple set out to do it on their own by updating their profile on and marketing themselves through social media.

They made an Instagram page with pictures of their lives and a Facebook adoption page. They were contacted by a few women, but most of them turned out to be fraudsters.

Finally, they got an email from a woman who said that her friend was pregnant and was looking for a family. They even got a call from this woman in Missouri and built a good relationship over the next month. However, they never got any proof of the pregnancy.

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When the couple renewed their profile on in October 2017, they got a call from another expectant mother.

Two days later, they met in a diner, and the pregnant woman showed them the ultrasounds of a little baby boy and even let Heather feel her belly as the baby kicked about.

Jason and Heather were moved to tears when the woman asked them if they would adopt the child and love him forever.

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Three weeks later, on Oct. 30, 2017, Andy was born and Heather recalled that she was the first to hold him and kiss his tiny hands.

As they were preparing themselves to be the new parents to Andy, Heather received a call from the first expectant mom, who told her that she had found a family for her baby.

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In January this year, Heather received a call from that woman, who said that she did not feel good about the other family adopting her baby.

She felt that it was supposed to be Heather’s, and sent her the ultrasound images of the baby boy growing in her stomach.

As Heather held Andy in her hands, she was speechless. But deep down inside she knew.

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Adding another newborn that was only months apart isn’t easy. And over the next few days, the couple gave it a lot of thought.

Before long, the couple found themselves in Missouri and met the woman the night before she was being induced. The couple stood at the bedside the next day and watched as their son, Ellis, was born.

Jason even got to cut the cord, and Heather was the first to hold the baby and kiss his tiny hands.

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To have two newborn babies only four months apart is the stuff of dreams for any couple.

Heather shares that she was able to become a mom because of a woman’s greatest sacrifice and unselfish decision.

Because I can’t get enough of these two. I am so lucky to be their momma. #brothers #gerberphotosearch2018 #gerberbaby @…

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A few months after Ellis was born, the couple decided to reach out to his birth mom but found out that she was in a difficult situation.

They then got her eldest child to fly out to visit them so that he could know his brother Ellis. Little did the couple know that the boy, Sean, would soon end up becoming a part of their family too.

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Ten days eventually became all summer, and Sean decided to stay and watch his new friends try out for football.

Sean too began talking to the coaches, and before long, he made the top football team for 8th grade in his first year.

He has been living with Heather for more than half a year, and his football team even made it to the playoffs.

One year ago today we were sitting in the hospital with Andy, saying goodbye to his birth parents. Reality set in as we…

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Adding three new children in under nine months was something totally unexpected. Andy and Ellis’s adoptions have been officially finalized, and the couple share custody with their two oldest boys and their mom.

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The family of seven see their bond growing stronger with each day.

Heather says, “There have been many ups and downs and everything in between. But we wouldn’t trade it for the world.”