Lady Thinks She Inherited Painting Worth $200. Upon Realizing Its True Value, She’s in Tears

October 20, 2019 Updated: October 20, 2019

Antiques passed down from generation to generation can sometimes fetch a hefty sum. The only thing is, some owners may not even know of the actual value of their antiques until they get them evaluated, just like one woman in Pennsylvania.

When the television series “Antiques Roadshow” arrived in Harrisburg in June 2017, nearly 5,000 people went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center to have their treasures appraised. Many owners whose treasures were appraised were shocked by how much their items were worth.

Meredith Hilferty (right) appraises an 1892 H. F. Farny watercolor and gouache painting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania….

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One of them was a young woman who brought a family painting to the show and was left stunned by what the evaluator, Meredith Hilferty, told her.

The woman told Hilferty that before she received the painting after her grandmother passed away, it had “always hung right above her bed.”

“Her dad, I’m guessing, would’ve given it to her after she spent the summer at a dude ranch when she was 19, in, like, the ’40s,” she said.

The woman wasn’t quite sure if it was a painting or a print when she received it. But a mosquito underneath the glass helped her to confirm this.

“I took it out to the front yard and I opened it up to get the mosquito out, so I could take it with me to college, and then it kind of scared me a little. I closed it back up immediately because it looked like it might be real,” she said.

When she was asked if she had ever gotten the painting appraised before, she said, “In 1998, it was appraised as a print at $200 and, in 2004, it was appraised at $250.”

The family antique that the woman had inherited was no copy but an original painting by a French artist named Henry Francois Farny. Farny was living in Pennsylvania in the late 1800s and made friends with the Seneca and Sious Indians.

Check out Meredith Hilferty's appraisal of an 1892 H. F. Farny watercolor & gouache painting, from Harrisburg, Hour 1.

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Hilferty told the woman that Farny had been living with the tribes “in a very kind of peaceful, tranquil way,” as can be seen from the painting.

Nothing could prepare this young woman when Hilferty told her the value of the painting.

The painting was worth US$200,000 to $300,000.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! She was in tears and at a loss for words.

Who could have thought that an inherited painting could be worth so much!

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