Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Goal Video: Netherlands Striker Scores Penalty, Puts Mexico Out of World Cup 2014

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scored the match-winning goal against Mexico for the Netherlands on Sunday.

The score was 2-1.

Here’s the video:




BRAZIL BEAT: Sun scatters fans in Fortaleza 

FORTALEZA, Brazil (AP) — As the shadows shifted across the Arena Castelao, sections of stands emptied and filled during Sunday’s round of 16 match between the Netherlands and Mexico. With an early afternoon start on a hot, muggy day in northeastern Brazil, many fans abandoned their seats when the sun beat down on them in an otherwise full stadium.

Referee Pedro Proenca briefly halted play just after the 30-minute mark for a cooling break, allowing both teams to rehydrate.



SAO PAULO (AP) — With Sao Paulo gripped in World Cup fever, all sorts of people are adorned in yellow and green Brazil team gear. But dogs?

At Parque Trainon, dog owners appear to have imposed their loyalties on their four-legged friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes have been spotted with Brazilian flags around their collars, capes over the shoulders, even hats wrapped around their floppy ears.

One canine, 4-year-old Nino, had a blue Brazil outfit wrapped around his small body. His owner said it was to protect against a rash. But she had no medical excuse for the baseball cap over his head. It was her son’s idea of showing support after Brazil won a penalty shootout with Chile.

Nino’s Sunday morning playmate, a 6-year-old mutt named Nina, had more straightforward attire: a plain yellow jumper featuring Neymar’s No. 10.

“I think it’s cute,” said her owner, Luiza Jatoba, 54. “It’s in honor of the World Cup. These days it’s the only thing we think about.”

— By Aron Heller — www.twitter.com/aronhellerap


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