Kingdom Hearts 3 Developer Seeks Player Feedback for Upcoming Game

March 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The developer for the Kingdom Hearts series is seeking player feedback for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, which doesn’t yet have a release date but is expected to not come out until 2015.

Square Enix is asking people to fill out a survey about Kingdom Hearts. It includes questions about what players did and did not enjoy in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Square looks like it’s interested in gathering the feedback to incorporate what players want into Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Information about the upcoming game has been scarce, though Square producer Shinji Hashimoto said last month that information about both the game and “Final Fantasy XV” will come “in the near future.”

Gaming Bolt reported that Square is ready to cast English-speaking voice actors, a mark of progress in the development.

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