Kim Soo Hyun Jun Ji Hyun Kiss Showed ‘Warm Emotions,’ Kim Says

March 6, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The kiss between Kim Soo Hyun (Do Min Joon) and Jin Ji Hyun (Chun Song Yi) on “You Who Came From the Stars” was Kim’s favorite scene, he said.

He told reporters at a recent press conference that he put a lot of thought into how he should act out the kissing scenes as Do Min Joon.

The alien was on Earth for 400 years but hadn’t kisses anyone yet.

“I thought that Do Min Joon should be stiff and awkward but at staff meetings we talked about how we wanted viewers to respond to the kiss scenes, so I focused instead on creating better angles,” Kim said.

“It snowed a lot and it was very cold but the scene was good at showing the warm emotions.”

He said that Jin’s personality helped him get into the moment.

“Jun Ji Hyun’s personality is very cheerful in real life and she makes it easy for me to focus on the romantic feelings. I was very focused,” he said, reported KDramaStars.

“The film’s production crew was happy to be working with the actress too so the mood on set was always upbeat. She is known for being professional and considerate. Ji Hyun noona always prepares well before coming on set so she was always the best Chun Song Yi.”

The writing also helped, he added.

“They were very attractive characters to begin with,” he said. “And that allowed viewers to open their hearts.”

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