Klohe Kardashian: Stupid… Or Maybe She Just Knows Something You Don’t


In 2009 Klohe Kardashian met basketball star Lamar Odom.  One month later after she was swept off of her feet they entered into marital bliss.  It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. What Klohe probably didn’t know was that Lamar Odom is reportedly suffering from Bipolar Disorder (formerly known as Manic Depression).  If she did know, she still may not have known the heartache that she was in for. Manic Depression is marked by emotional high-highs and very low-lows.

Very often people with bipolar disorder become depressed for whatever reason, and withdraw.  This withdrawal can be for a day, or literally for years.  It can be sparked by an argument or something thats troubling them that loved ones may not even be aware of.  Often times the bipolar sufferer will self-medicate with illegal substances.  It can be particularly difficult if the person has not be diagnosed and is unaware of their mental illness.  As well,  for someone who has the financial resources to afford illegal drugs this can lead to fatal addiction.

On the manic side of the disorder the person may have delusional highs.  If they have a partner and that partner is out of sight, they may often cheat on their partner.  The manic high beckons  them to do so.  Many of them find a mate and quickly propose marriage while in the throes of their super-high.  


KLOHE AND LAMAR – Happier Times

The unaware partner may be in for an emotional roller coaster and such was the case for Klohe Kardashian by the time Lamar left their home and would not make contact with her. Why did Odom go into withdrawal mode?  We will never know.  It could have been a disagreement with Klohe.  It could have been career woes.

The only thing we do know is that Klohe Kardashian was left alone in the home they shared together.  She could rarely make contact with him, and Odom would not respond to her cries to fix the marriage. He left her high and dry.  Finally, after Klohe had mustered up the courage to file for divorce, a few months later Lamar noted to the press that he loved his wife.  

Well, if he loved her why did he not return her calls?  We watched all of this unfold on their TV show KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians)?  He did not return her calls because he couldn’t.  This is the bipolar mode that he was in and he could not control it.  That being said, no one should have to continually play the long-suffering role of husband, wife or partner with this type of melodramatic personality. Klohe Kardashian finally let go.

Fast forward six months later. Klohe is smiling again.  She is going out to clubs.  She met Moroccan rapper French Montana and they’ve been hanging out ever since.  In a recent interview Montana made the following statement regarding the new attention he was receiving as Klohe’s new boyfriend:

” I want to capitalize on it….   I’ll get a fan base from everywhere. I just hope I’ll be able to connect with everything that’s going on.”

Well, fans took to spewing ridiculing comments against Klohe on the tabloid websites.  How utterly stupid can she be to stick with this guy when he’s admitting that he’s using her. She must have the lowest self-esteem in the world.  

Really???  Ya’ think so???

Others may have a different take on Montana and Miss Klohe.  What do we really know about her and this man except for the fact that they are reportedly a couple (and we have indeed seen them photographed in a romantic embrace) and that they seem happy and drama free?  What kind of relationship is it really?  Are they friends with benefits???  If so, are we to judge as long as she is having sex with only one man and not a host of men. Let’s not forget that a whore is a woman who has multiple partners.  

Do we have any clue about what this twosome may  have sat back together and agreed upon as comrades? For all we know their relationship is not sexual at all.  Yes, we’ve seen them lock lips in public.  This however, does not mean they are having sex.  It could indeed be a farce or a display of their agreed-upon friendship arrangement. Klohe gets to hang out in French’s high-energy, festive party environment that probably feels good to her… and French gets to say MY WOMAN IS KLOHE KARDASHIAN.

Klohe Kardashian has been through a great deal of suffering with her estranged husband.  More than likely she still loves him, and according to reports back in February he still loved her. Do we really think that Klhoe met Montana with warm and fuzzy thoughts of romance and marriage in mind?  It’s highly doubtful.  

This woman needed a break.  She needed relief.  Respite… from the emotional nightmare that she had just endured.  It’s more likely that Klohe was looking for a mate to enjoy spending time with. Someone to go out with.  A man with a good amount of testosterone to make her feel like a woman, but not too much emotion to tie her down to commit to another possible heart break.  She probably found what she was looking for in Montana.  Ergo, Klohe tweeted this response to her critics:

“It’s amusing to me that Y’all think I don’t see it.  I was the first one to see it. I just don’t care.”

Such a remark is not definitively indicative of a woman with low self-esteem.  Why must we jump to such a conclusion?  Pack up your negative assertions for a spell.   It could in fact be the remark of a woman who is in control of her life and how she chooses her friends. She’s been through quite enough with Odom and it’s not likely (if she’s smart) that she’s going to set herself up for another round of heartache, at least not so soon.  She is not even legally divorced from Odom as yet.

Fast forward to a mere few days ago. Confused Lamar Odom shows up at a French Montana party. Why?  Who knows?  A good guess is because he knew Klohe was there and he (let’s not mince words)… wants her back.  After all… she is still legally his wife.

Klohe responded via diplomatically noting that she saw nothing wrong with Lamar showing up at the venue.  What is she  going to say?  Should she bitterly lash out and declare that he had no business there?  She took the high road.   Let’s even take this a step further and note that Klohe Kardashian and LaMar Odom both still love each other and perhaps…. perhaps – it’s not too late to fix the problem.  And for all we know someone may have indeed advised Klohe that the best way to wake Lamar up out of his bipolar stupor is to step out with a new man. 

I fell upon a KUWTK marathon by accident this past winter /spring and was surprised that I was indeed attracted to the show.  I continued to watch.  Anyone who watched this drama unfold on KUWTK knew that this woman loved this man dearly and was devastated by his abandonment. Now he is coming back.  Should she take him back?  Well, he is still her husband, not her “boyfriend” and the purpose of marriage is to remain joined even through difficult times (which is what Klohe was trying to do – but Odom would not respond). As Lamar is still her husband he still has the right to claim her as his wife. But she doesn’t have to acquiesce.

All of the above being said.  We are now living in a day and time when a woman may not necessarily have to depend upon a man for her day to day survival.  Hence, it’s easier for women today to make a split from an abusive husband.  While Odom is still her husband, and while she may indeed still love him, love is not always synonymous with happiness. If she decided to move on and decline to embrace Odom again who could blame her.  The pursuit of happiness is an alleged right in this country.

It would be all warm and fuzzy if she took him back for them to try anew.  But, it would also be a victory for Klohe Kardashian if she decides that “Part Two” of what ails Lamar Odom is inevitable and she doesn’t want any part of it.   With recent events, time will tell soon enough.