Kentucky Woman Lost in the Woods for 48 Hours Found by Search Dog Named Pocket

October 20, 2020 Updated: October 20, 2020

A Kentucky woman was walking in the woods behind her home last week when she became lost, fell, and was rendered unconscious.

Geneva Logston’s family became worried when she didn’t return from her hike in Bullitt County, where she lived, and started to look for her. However, after nearly two days had passed, all searches by family and law enforcement failed to find her, WLKY reported.

Fortunately, Pocket, a search-and-rescue terrier with KYK9 Search Dogs of Louisville, was drafted into the search.

In less than two hours, together with handler Jennifer Hall, Pocket successfully tracked Logston’s scent and located her in the woods. It was about 48 hours after Logston first became lost.

Logston had taken only a bottle of water along with her during her walk and had left her cell phone and purse behind. Realizing she’d gone too far, she panicked, slipped, and fell. She was rendered unconscious.

“I wasn’t familiar with anything. I just couldn’t think how to get home,” Logston said.

Seeing her belongings left behind, her family knew she hadn’t gone far and almost immediately began looking for her. However, even with law enforcement support, they had no luck finding her.

Logston added, “I was giving up. Like I said I had hit my head and disorientated and all I wanted to do was sleep, that’s all I wanted to do was sleep.”

By day two, the water had run out, and so too was Logston’s hope of ever getting home. Then she spotted Pocket. At first though, despite the treacherous terrain, she thought Hall was just a lady walking her dog.

“Never did I dream that Pocket was looking for me, to bring me home,” said Logston.

Hall recalled, “I just said, ‘Are you Geneva?’ and she said ‘yes’ and Pocket was pulling me in really hard.”

Hall shouted that she had found Logston, but that was the only information shared with the family.

“I think some of the family didn’t hear she’s alive. They were like ‘is she alive?’ It was very emotional. She saved Geneva’s life,” Hall said.

Logston, who was taken to University Hospital and treated for minor injuries only, recently met up again with Pocket.

“Thank you, Pocket. Thank you,” she was heard telling the dog, while rubbing her fur, the news outlet reported.

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