Kentucky Man Finds Baby in a Dumpster

A Paducah, Kentucky resident heard a loud “bang” from the dumpster outside his apartment, and decided to go and see what caused it. He had no idea what he was going to find.

The resident hurried outside and saw a 17-year-old male walking away from the dumpster.

The man then rushed over to the dumpster and heard the unthinkable sound of a baby crying coming from inside.

The man quickly called the police, and Sgt. David Shepherd was the first to arrive on the scene. He clambered inside the dumpster to pick up the infant, although it’s an unfamiliar situation for him.

“No matter any law enforcement training you provide for us, articulate or tactical or anything like that; and then you place a newborn baby in front of us. There’s not normal training for that,” he told Fox 10.

The teenager who left the baby inside and his 15-year-old girlfriend have been identified by police, although their names have not been made public due to their age.

The 17-year-old was charged with attempted murder, first-degree criminal abuse, and tampering with physical evidence, the Associated Press reported.

The kid could have taken advantage of The Kentucky Safe Infant Act from 2002, which guarantees a parent won’t be criminally prosecuted so long as a baby is taken to a safe place and not physically abused or neglected after birth, officers noted. Safe places include a police station, a fire station, a doctor, or a staff member at an emergency room. After 30 days, social services will make arrangements for adoption if the parents haven’t contacted them.

The baby is in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital. Capt. Matt Carter of the sheriff’s office told The Paducah Sun there is “no doubt about it, the eyewitness saved the baby’s life.”