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Kash’s Corner: Timing of New Steele Documentary ‘Not a Coincidence’

“It’s not a coincidence … They want to use it to destroy the Sussmann indictment and the cases that John Durham’s building.”

On Oct. 18, ABC released a new documentary on the British ex-spy Christopher Steele. It’s his first interview since he authored the now-infamous “Steele dossier” that was used to justify surveilling the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

The documentary comes on the heels of special prosecutor John Durham charging former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann last month with lying to the FBI and the FBI raiding the home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska—Steele’s former employer—just a few days ago.

The timing of the documentary was not a coincidence, argues Kash Patel.


Below is a rush transcript of this Kash’s Corner episode from Oct 22, 2021. This transcript may not be in its final form and may be updated. 

Kash Patel: Hey everybody and welcome back to Kash’s Corner. Here we are on the rooftop near the United States Capitol. We’ve got a great episode for you today, and just a heads up for next week’s episode, we’re going to be talking to Ric Grenell on Kash’s Corner in Southern California. So stay tuned for that as well.

Jan Jekielek: Kash, we both watched a very, very interesting little documentary that came out recently.

Mr. Patel: Painfully watched it.

Mr. Jekielek: Out of the shadows, the man behind the Steele dossier. Gosh, it really made me go back and look at some material, let’s call it the Spygate Infographic that we put together of course, I mean, the timing of this is really interesting because it’s kind of following on the legs of the Michael Sussmann indictment by Durham.

And then like the following day and I mean, of course it could be a complete coincidence, but Oleg Deripaska’s home is raided by the FBI. And of course, Steele worked for this Russian billionaire oligarch at one point, fascinating stuff going on.

Mr. Patel: There are no coincidences when it comes to the FBI.

Mr. Jekielek: Well, okay. Listen, before we start here, okay. Tell me this, I couldn’t help but think about how you started to work on the House Intelligence Committee, which of course, led to the Nunes memo, which was focused on exactly this dossier, which is covered in this documentary.

But I remember you told Congressman Devin Nunes something specific, right? You said, “We have to follow this wherever it goes, but you might not like it.”

Mr. Patel: Yeah.

Mr. Jekielek: Tell me a little bit about that before we start.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. So the agreement I made with Devin was I didn’t necessarily want to go to The Hill. It’s no surprise, I wanted to go to the White House, but when I met Devin and he introduced me to this investigation that they were talking about, I said, “Okay.” I agreed. I said, “Sure.” Because of my background as a federal prosecutor and a public defender and an intel guy, he was like, “We need someone to help navigate that landscape.”

But I made him a deal. I said, “Whatever we find good, bad, ugly.” I wasn’t a political guy. I wasn’t a political appointee in the administration. I said, “We put out, no matter what we find we put out.” He said, “Absolutely, we will put out everything we possibly can, we will declassify everything we can and we’ll follow all the facts wherever they go.” And he stayed true to his word.

Mr. Jekielek: One thing that really struck me, so you can tell me what you think, but it kind of comes across in this documentary, I mean, basically Steele portrays himself as this patriot coming to the FBI to report a very troubling information that he’s gotten so to speak. How do you read that?

Mr. Patel: I read this as a basically a continuation of what Fusion GPS did back in 2015 and ’16 when they hired Christopher Steele and paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to pump out fraudulent false information and feed it to the FBI and the media. I think, I believe this is a continuation of that campaign to resuscitate Steele.

It’s one of those government speak type things where you’re like, “Maybe if you say something false over and over and over again, people will believe it.”

Well, this guy has now been caught, not by us, not by a House Intel Committee, not by Devin, but by the FBI’s own documents is having lie to a federal court, having proven fraudulent information to the media, having lied about his relationship and who was paying him. And all those facts have come out from the FBI and DOJ’s own documentation of Christopher Steele.

So I think this is a last ditch effort to try to save face. And then he hits national TV and he says, he’s some sort of hero when in fact it’s the total opposite.

Mr. Jekielek: It’s really interesting because he basically says, “I’m kind of non-partisan in all of this.” Right?

Mr. Patel: What?

Mr. Jekielek: And I mean, I couldn’t… Okay.

Mr. Patel: I got to stop you right there.

Mr. Jekielek: Okay.

Mr. Patel: So one of the sentences I remember the most from our investigation was something Christopher Steele himself told the FBI when he was being run as a source and it’s now all declassified. He literally said, I quote, “I hate Donald Trump and I’m desperate for him not to be president.” End quote.

I don’t know how that a person who says that can then go on to say, “I’m an apolitical, nonpolitical guy.” It’s his own words and that’s why we put that out to the public because his own words destroy his credibility back five years ago. So for him to say that now is the height of hypocrisy.

Mr. Jekielek: And this was of course to his handler Bruce Ohr-

Mr. Patel: Yeah. Another…

Mr. Jekielek: … right at the FBI. And this was like kind of one of the key points I guess, of the Nunes memo.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. So what actually happened was if you’re a source for the FBI, the Cardinal rule is don’t tell anyone especially the press, it literally violates the agreement you sign when you become a source. And I ran a lot of sources in my career.

And so what did he do? He literally right before the application for the first FISA warrant, he Christopher Steele went to the media, broke the Cardinal rule and then what did he do after that?

He lied to the FBI about whether he had contacted the media. So he gives the FBI the same fraudulent information in lane A, concurrently in lane B he gives the media the same fraudulent information, leaks it could be classified information. The media writes an article and the FBI then says, “Look, we have corroboration with what Christopher Steele is saying.” That’s how atrocious his conduct was.

And the FBI when they finally caught him said, “Okay. We’re going to eliminate you as the source.” But their conduct after that was almost as bad as Chris Steele’s own.

What they did was the FBI went to Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official who had a relationship with Christopher Steele and used Bruce Ohr as a cut-out. One of the senior most attorneys at the Department of Justice was used by the FBI as the cut-out to a source who was terminated for lying to the FBI and breaking their agreement. They still thought this guy could be credible. That’s how outrageous his conduct was.

Mr. Jekielek: So what about the timing? Right? You said, “Nothing is a coincidence.”

Mr. Patel: Yeah.

Mr. Jekielek: Why is this coming out right now as we speak and is it connected with these two events I guess, that I just described?

Mr. Patel: Look, I believe so. Look, when I was at DOJ running national security cases, doing FISA applications, the FBI on high-level cases communicates regularly with DOJ. Leadership knows when you’re going to do a take down of a high value target, when you’re going to get a search warrant, when indictments are coming.

So look rewind two weeks ago, three weeks ago, Michael Sussmann gets indicted. Michael Sussmann’s indictment rests upon the work of Fusion GPS, the same guys that paid Christopher Steele. So Fusion is trying to resuscitate their credibility for putting this guy out as a source.

And then Christopher Steele comes on the air and says, “My work is still good.” But without providing any facts to support it, because he can’t, right?

The DOJ themselves, if you recall on as a result of our investigations, reversed two of the FISA warrants that Christopher Steele provided information to, reversed. That means they canceled them. That almost never happens in the history of the FISA Court. That’s how bad Christopher Steele was for the FBI and DOJ and it’s finally coming out.

What he’s trying to do right now is make more money and say he’s the international hero, the James Bond, if you will of this saga, when in fact he is the complete opposite. He’s the biggest crook the FBI has ever employed

Mr. Jekielek: Well. And so, I mean, it was the Steele dossier and this Michael Isikoff piece that went into Yahoo News that was sourced from the Steele dossier, that were the kind of the two key pieces that were I guess, evidence that were used to get the first FISA warrant on Carter Page in the first place.

Mr. Patel: It’s one person feeding the same information to two different outlets.

Mr. Jekielek: Right. Like you said.

Mr. Patel: Like you say, “Corroborate me. I told the FBI and I told the media violating my agreement.” But since they’re both true, the FBI then unbelievably said, “Oh, look, someone else in the media of all places is reporting it. Let’s take that to be true and present that to a federal judge.” As if that’s ever the appropriate way to get a surveillance warrant, let alone a FISA warrant on an American citizen.

Mr. Jekielek: Well, and this is… It also made me think sometimes people the thing that Kevin Clinesmith, the lawyer who was charged and convicted and making a couple of statement, how important that one little change he made, right? Was in kind of building this false case, right?

Mr. Patel: Yeah. That’s a great point that Kevin Clinesmith was the first indictment that most people forget that John Durham has done. So he’s on his second one assessment.

I mean, just picture this, you have an American lawyer in the mid levels of the FBI who’s involved in the FISA process. Search warrants of the most sensitive kind for the most sensitive surveillance operations that the United States government conduct and this individual, this lawyer doctors evidence, and literally says about Carter Page the opposite of what he presented the court.

Carter Page had relationships with other government agencies and he wrote, “Carter Page did not.” Changed it then presented that information to the court. If that had been done by any other person in the FBI for any other target that wasn’t related to the Trump campaign, that individual will be in federal prison right now.

And that’s the kind of hypocrisy that ticks off or the lack of accountability. I believe that ticks off the American public, but I believe John Durham is using that as a stepping stone to Michael Sussmann and then further using that because he built out that whole conspiracy style case that we talked about a couple of weeks ago.

And this is why to answer your question more pointedly, why Christopher Steele’s documentary is timely. It’s not a coincidence because they want to use it to destroy the Sussmann indictment and the cases that John Durham has built.

Mr. Jekielek: So I actually took a few notes about the things that Christopher Steele basically says, “Well, I still think there’s some credibility here.” And just to be clear, there’s nothing in this documentary that I saw that seems to have any sort of substance, it’s all kind of conjecture and ambiguity and so forth. But I don’t even like saying it, the pee tape, okay. That’s I mean, I don’t like thinking about it. I don’t like saying it.

Mr. Patel: Sure.

Mr. Jekielek: The other one is of course Michael Cohen traveling to Prague, which of course he didn’t, which the Inspector General Horowitz found that he didn’t. And it seems like he’s Steele is kind of doubling down that these things may have happened because-

Mr. Patel: Well, let me tell you why that’s so significant and I’m glad you brought up those two points. Steele’s the source for the whole investigation, for the FISA’s against Carter Page and everything else. He’s resting his credibility, which is what you always look at in a FISA application, the credibility of your source and the biases of your source.

We talked about his biases, hatred of Trump, and the fact that he was paid by his political opponent. Now let’s talk about his credibility, the two most salacious things in, or the one most salacious thing in the Steele dossier is the pee tape.

I know we don’t like talking about it, but let’s talk about it for a second, okay. When we were investigating this, I told Devin, I said, “Look, he described the location of where this incident happened. A very specific hotel, the Ritz Carlton in Moscow and he had the name of the room that had happened in according to his dossier. Let’s call the hotel Devin.” So it was just that easy.

You look up the hotel online, the Ritz Carlton does not have that named room in its hotel. That named room doesn’t even exist in that entire complex. Wouldn’t you think an MI6 agent an FBI source, 20 MI6 agents who worked in Moscow would know the name of the room he’s saying the salacious conduct occurred in?

So that he could tell the bureau to maybe look at tapes, maybe look for witnesses. No, it doesn’t exist. He made it up. So now he’s doubling down on something he made up and was totally disproven. Let’s put the pee tape aside, how about Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer going to Prague? This is, I told Devin, one of the easiest things to do, right?

It’s an international flight. There’s travel records. This isn’t even that hard to figure out, if he was in Prague or anywhere near there also, I don’t know, 1,000 people would have seen him. So we looked into the travel records. There were none. Then the Inspector General did the same thing, looked into the travel records.

And he also found and corroborated that Michael Cohen was in California the time that Steele says he was 10,000 miles away in Prague. So if you look at these two pieces of credibility for Christopher Steele and in the now that he’s doubling down misatrocious new documentary, I think that speaks for itself in terms of this guy’s actual credibility.

If he had any better legs to stand on, I think he would have put them forward. He picked the two worst because there’s nothing else left.

Mr. Jekielek: Well, and frankly, there’s a third thing that he doubled down on and it seemed to me anyway, is that just the idea that Carter Page was somehow working with the Russians.

Mr. Patel: Oh, yeah. Right.

Mr. Jekielek: Right? And of course, we know that Carter Page was actually working for the CIA bringing in intelligence from Russia. And this was of course again, how the email that Kevin Clinesmith it’s kind of changed to make it look like that wasn’t the case.

Mr. Patel: Now, that’s a great point because as everyone knows Carter Page was the target of the FISA applications. They know that now for the four FISA applications that Christopher Steele was sourcing. So the cracks of a FISA, what you have to show the target to be is they have to be shown to be an agent of a foreign power.

So Christopher Steele was saying, this guy Carter Page is colluding with Russia because he’s having these meetings, which he never had and that he’s on the take, getting paid by the Russians to then exchange information from the Trump campaign.

I don’t even know where to begin with this guy on this claim, but basically every instance that he says Carter Page was working with the Russians proved to be false by the FBI’s own documentation. The FBI withheld that information from the FISA Court.

Second to your point, Carter Page was working for not just the FBI previously, but other government organizations. That means he was assisting US based investigations and US intelligence organizations to further our national interest. The FBI withheld that information from the FISA Court to because, why?

I don’t know, probably because if they produced it and probably if Kevin Clinesmith hadn’t changed the document, they would never have gotten the FISA.

And here’s one of the most crucial lines from my entire investigation during the Russiagate hoax. Andy McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI who signed off on one of the Carter Page FISA applications said under oath, “Without the Steele dossier, there would have been no cause for a FISA warrant on Carter Page.”

You have to hit pause there and say, “Wait a second. So no Steele dossier, no warrant ever.” This is how much the FBI by the Deputy Director’s own admission relied on the Steele dossier. And it shows their bias and saying, “What’s Christopher Steele is telling us we have to corroborate. We have to prove true otherwise, we can’t surveil a presidential campaign and a president.”

That’s how shocking the behavior at the top of the FBI was and not just Kevin Clinesmith, but it goes to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. And the whole narrative is actually best outlined in the plot against the president. It’s a fantastic, it’s an actual real documentary that’s credible versus whatever this nonsense is that Christopher Steele put together.

Mr. Jekielek: And Stephanopoulos asks him about in his sources like kind of to name his sources like everyone… I think it’s generally known now that Igor Danchenko was his primary source. And frankly, all of Igor and he calls him, I mean, I’m assuming this is who’s talking about the key collector.

I don’t have a key source, I have key collector, but all of the people that if it was Igor Danchenko who was collecting from that basically disavowed what was in the Steele dossier that apparently he collected on top of everything else.

Mr. Patel: So, now, that’s a great point. So right. We have to remind everyone, Christopher Steele hasn’t set foot in Russia in over 15 years. So how is he getting all of this Russian information from the ground that was supposedly true, incredible if he hadn’t himself been in the country, you have to have a credible source network like you were alluding to.

The problem that Christopher Steele has run into now is that in British courts he’s been sued and Christopher Steele’s entire sub source network basically came out and said the information, the multiple levels of hearsay, this sub source network from Moscow provided Christopher Steele, they said was bogus information.

And Christopher Steele actually had to pay pursuant to a judgment in British court not these individuals, but the folks over at Alpha Bank, who basically, they said they brought a lawsuit in England that they say Christopher Steele smeared their reputation.

So not only he Christopher Steele has a source, his credibility been destroyed, but the information you relied upon that he got from the world’s longest game of telephone from Moscow to America, that entire network themselves have come forward and said, “The information was bogus.”

How the FBI couldn’t have figured that out? It’s not a question of actually, why they didn’t figure it out? It’s that they didn’t want to figure it out. Those pieces of information as a national prosecutor did FISA cases. Looking at the credibility of sources and your sub source network is very easy to do.

We have a huge network that we can rely on, we can call people, we can go to England, we could go to Russia and we can look at these things. They rushed this thing through the process. They got people at DOJ and FBI involved, and James called me, led the charge and said, “No way we’re going to spy an American presidential candidate.”

Mr. Jekielek: Yeah. I mean, it’s incredible. Actually another thing that just basically comes to my mind is that one of the commentators actually concedes that basically the IG report it kind of eviscerates, or if it’s just this report eviscerates, I think they say that, right?

Mr. Patel: Yeah.

Mr. Jekielek: And in the Steele dossier and gives him a chance to respond, but there’s no mention of for example, this Alpha Bank court case in England, which has some pretty relevant information that one might want to include in a documentary like this.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. And there’s a court case in America that Alpha Bank brought against Christopher Steele that’s still ongoing and it’s probably going to have the same results. So you might want to mention that too.

Mr. Jekielek: Right. So what about the timing of Deripaska properties, or I think it’s a family property being raided by the FBI like the day after this documentary comes out? I just, I mean, as you said, “Don’t believe in coincidences.” It’s not obvious to me why that might be the case, but-

Mr. Patel: Well, maybe it’s John Durham. We weren’t told by the media who the FBI raided those houses for maybe it’s John Durham, and he’s been known to be pretty tight-lipped and people have been trying to figure out what he’s been doing for two years and it hasn’t leaked.

So I’m hopeful that it’s that because to me, all the investigating we did ties Deripaska directly to Christopher Steele. And so I would think maybe they want to know finally what this guy, Christopher Steele was actually doing with Russian oligarchs and find out the truth of it and maybe prosecute Christopher Steele for lying to the FBI.

Mr. Jekielek: This would be a lot easier to stomach somehow if it didn’t leave like a trail of broken lives.

Mr. Patel: Yeah.

Mr. Jekielek: That’s the part that gets me the most, I mean, Carter Page being the most obvious, but by far not the only.

Mr. Patel: Sure.

Mr. Jekielek: Yeah.

Mr. Patel: I know. I agree. I mean, Christopher Steele actually left a trail of wreckage through his bogus reporting. Carter Page’s life obviously destroyed as you said, four FISA applications. I don’t think there’s a person on planet earth that the world knows more about currently than Carter Page because of all the investigations that went into him improperly, now we know.

But there’s others and I don’t want to name them because I want to protect their privacy, but when we were doing the investigation, we had individuals that would come to us during our investigation and tell us the damage that had been caused to their lives by Christopher Steele’s false reporting.

And one of these individuals I remember to this day said, his daughter who had been sober and recovered as a drug addict for five years, after what they did to her father and put him in the media, she relapsed and he had to spend his entire life savings on his daughter again, because of what his daughter had to read about her father, which was false, but had to read it and it made her relapse.

And most of the people in this building the likes of Adam Schiff and company, they didn’t care about that. And that wasn’t the only one, but can you just imagine what that does to someone not to mention the money that these guys have to spend on lawyers and those targets weren’t the only lives that were impacted.

The investigator’s lives were impacted, Devin’s life, my life, the news has been writing false articles about me to this day, they’ve attacked Devin’s family personally, his 89 year old grandmother. They went after her if you can believe it. And all we cared about was getting the American people the truth.

So it’s nice that Christopher Steele wants to do a documentary with George Stephanopoulos who by the way is a former Bill Clinton adviser. There’s some irony in that, but maybe it would have been nice if he was actually truthful and addressed issues like, what about the people’s lives you destroyed while getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it and to pump false information in and you say you’re one of the world’s best spies. I think you’re with one of the world’s biggest frauds.

Mr. Jekielek: So you mentioned Congressman Schiff and I did look at the Schiff memo from February 2018, late February following the Nunes memo, which is of course, you had a huge hand in authoring. And there’s a whole bunch of stuff in there it’s worth revisiting, which is just kind of simply untrue based on the Horowitz report and other reporting.

One of the key points was that there just wasn’t even information that was omitted by the FBI and DOJ in obtaining this FISA warrant. I mean, it just, it kind of goes on and on like this.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. And here’s something that I haven’t really talked about ever. We knew that what we put in this Nunez memo was facts from the FBI’s own documents and sworn witness’ testimonies like Andy McCabe like we talked about earlier. It wasn’t our language, it was theirs. It’s the best way to run an investigation against who you are investigation is to use their own words and findings. That’s what we did.

Adam Schiff, remember, we wanted him to write his response memo, we baited him into doing it. Because we knew he will go over board and write a memo that was 10, 12 pages long that had false information in it.

We knew at the time the media will protect him and over time the inspector general came in and said actually, Mr. Schiff, your memo is wrong and not only on Bruce Ohr, not only on Fusion GPS, not only on bias, not only on credibility but omissions to the FISA court as well, which you just alluded to.

The DOJ and FBI intentionally withheld information such as who was paying Steele, his hatred of Donald Trump, that is sub source network was totally garbage. They knew all this information at the time and that’s the key point.

People keep saying, and Christopher Steele is now trying to say, “Oh, maybe we didn’t know it back then.” The FBI knew it back then, Steele knew it back then, these two memos show, the Nunes memo shows that it was proven by us, Schiff’s memo show that he was perpetuating one of the biggest frauds on the American public who were willing media.

And I encourage people to go in and I challenge them to find one true piece of information in the Schiff memo.

Mr. Jekielek: Well, okay. So talking about what’s actually truthful in the Steele dossier, there is truthful information-

Mr. Patel: Yeah. Russia is a country.

Mr. Jekielek: … in the Steele dossier. So I mean, to be fair, the IG report found that the truthful information was all basically publicly sourced information.

Mr. Patel: Yeah.

Mr. Jekielek: Information that could be easily publicly sourced like I guess, in Google search or Syrah or something like this.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. Some of it was like these people were real human beings. Christopher Steele and Carter Page was a real person and Carter Page, yes did go to Russia, just not for the stated purposes that Christopher Steele said and that the underlying Michael Cohen was a real person.

Sure. And also talked about Manafort, but all of the activities Steele charged these people with doing proved to be false and you brought up the IG report and I think that’s really important. People should read the Inspector General Horowitz’s IG report at least a summary, because what it says was there were 17 errors and omissions by relying on the Steele dossier in the FISA application, any one of which alone would have been sufficient to prevent the FISA Court from issuing a FISA warrant.

That is a huge piece of information that the media isn’t covering and Steele isn’t addressing.

Mr. Jekielek: So as we’re talking here, there’s this one line that I caught that I actually noted down for myself in this interview, this is Christopher Steele. The line was, “I think there’s an element of theater in all of that, an element of unreality in all of that.” Right?

Mr. Patel: Maybe that’s the only true thing he said during that entire interview.

Mr. Jekielek: I don’t think he was referring to what we were talking about, but it definitely struck me.

Mr. Patel: I mean, to say that a foreign national like Christopher Steele, who purports to now just wanting to help America in a time of crisis because Donald Trump decided to run for president is absurd on its face. Now we’ve proven the House Intel Committee, the Inspector General’s reporting multiple times over Senate Intel Committee’s reports, all have proven that Christopher Steele and his reporting is a total fraud.

So I don’t put Strzok in anything he has to say, I don’t give any merit to George Stephanopoulos is trying to resuscitate Christopher Steele in the Fusion GPS operations.

I go back to what I said earlier. I encourage people to read the documents for themselves. See what’s true now, versus what was written in 2016, 2017, 2018 by us. Our information was proven true by the FBI and DOJ’s own words. What’s worse is that they permitted Christopher Steele to continue reporting to the FBI for over a year.

And we, the American public never found out the extent of that because they shut down our investigation in Congress once Mueller got appointed. So we were never able to get more details out.

And that’s the other thing I want the American public to know, we got out a lot of information, but I believe there’s still 30, 40% of information regarding the whole Russiagate hoax that has never been released. And we should call for its immediate release and declassification if we want to restore faith and not just the FBI, but the surveillance apparatus of the FISA Court.

Mr. Jekielek: So one of the things that’s mentioned again and again in the documentary is that there was in fact Russian interference. And this is something that I found really interesting because in the media over the last several years, the yes idea that there was interference was conflated with the idea that there was collusion, right? Because as far as we know there was interference and not that, that would necessarily be surprising either, but your thoughts.

Mr. Patel: Yeah. So look in any major US election, multiple countries try to interfere with us. We put that in our Hipsy report that there was Russian interference in the US election and it was diminimous. We also went and researched whether or not that information or that… Excuse me, that interference caused votes to be changed.

And we couldn’t find any evidence to support that, that misinformation campaign by the Russians or any other country caused votes to be changed at the polls. Now that’s not to say that they’re going to stop now because we caught them, we have to guard against it heavily and we’ve worked on that, especially when I was over at DNI to help install more election security integrity measures.

But that sort of misinformation campaign Russian meddling is totally different than what Christopher Steele did. What Christopher Steele did was… And he’s not James Bond make no mistake about it. And calling him a villain it’s actually paying him a compliment.

This guy was a wrecking ball for a United States presidential campaign. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of it by pumping in false and fraudulent information that he knew was false because he hated one candidate. And he got the FBI on board and conspired with them to perpetuate the biggest fraud in US presidential history.

And that’s what he should be remembered for. He’s not a savior, he’s not a saint, he’s a crook and a criminal and someone should be investigating him.

Mr. Jekielek: So to your point, Stephanopoulos asks Steele in the documentary, “Would you consider what you’re doing meddling?” I don’t remember the exact wording. And he says, “Well, I’m a British national.” Seems to perhaps avoid the question a bit.

Mr. Patel: That’s a tragic and great way to bring this thing full circle for people who want to know about Christopher Steele, a foreign national who perpetuated this fraud and got paid to do it. He’s now this past week on national TV saying just because he’s a British national, he didn’t interfere with the US election.

Let’s just leave it here on this. Christopher Steele interfered and meddled with the US election with fraudulent information 10 times more than Russia and China combined ever have done in US history. And that’s what he should be remembered for. And when he says something like that, it highlights his own hypocrisy and his desperate efforts to resuscitate his credibility and they should all fail.

Mr. Jekielek: Well. So I think it’s time for our weekly shout out.

Mr. Patel: That’s right. And so this week is a little different. So our shout out this week goes to Ric Grenell, former ambassador to Germany, former Acting Director of National Intelligence and our next guest on Kash’s Corner next week in Southern California. So we hope you all will tune in next week while me and Jan visit with Rick in a beautiful sunny California.

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