Jon Stewart: Hillary Clinton Is ‘A Bright Woman Without the Courage of Her Convictions’

Compares her candidacy to Magic Johnson's talk show.
By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
May 13, 2016 Updated: May 15, 2016

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart said that Hillary Clinton is “A bright woman without the courage of her convictions,” and compared her candidacy to basketball legend Magic Johnson’s talk show:  

“She reminds me of Magic Johnson’s talk show,” Stewart told David Axelrod, in an interview at the University of Chicago. “Magic Johnson was a charming individual, but he wasn’t a talkshow host.”

Earvin “Magic” Johnson was a famous L.A. Laker and had a short term television series called “The Magic Hour” which ran from June to September in 1998. 

Stewart continued, saying she was preferable to Donald Trump, but that the bar wasn’t high:  

“And that is not to say that she is not preferable to Donald Trump, because at this point I would vote for Mr. T over Donald Trump, but she will be in big trouble if she can’t find a way—and maybe I’m wrong, maybe a real person doesn’t exist underneath there. I don’t know.”

Stewart also compared Clinton’s campaign to a computer that lags:

“There are politicians who are either rendering their inauthenticity in real enough time to appear authentic, and then there are politicians who are rendering their inauthenticity like if you have a Mac and you want to play a Microsoft game on it, there’s this weird lag.”  

The former Daily Show host has been mostly silent for this election cycle, but in the interview with David Axelrod, Stewart was equally critical of Donald Trump, who he called a “man-baby”:

“I don’t know if Donald Trump is eligible to be president,” he said, clarifying, “And that’s not a birther thing … Look, I’m not a constitutional scholar, so I can’t necessarily say, but are you eligible to run if you are a man-baby or a baby-man?”

Stewart also reminisced about a Twitter fight he got into with Trump in 2013 when The Daily Show made fun of him, offering it as evidence of how thin-skinned the candidate is:

“We made fun of him. And I think we referred to him as a boiled ham in a wig, and so he tweeted at me. Because, as you know, great leaders tweet late at night, as I’m sure you remember Lincoln’s Gettysburg tweetstorm,” Stewart said.