Johnny Steele Dog Park Reopens 10 Months After Harvey

Johnny Steele Dog Park has just reopened, 10 months after the Hurricane Harvey. Dogs and their owners are enjoying what they call “Puppy Paradise.”

The park had flooded three times over the last four years but the worst was during Hurricane Harvey. Now the hope is that these top-notch renovations will prevent the park from shutting down for a long period of time again.

“I am so happy this park is open again because we live pretty close by and it was always my dog favorite park to come too,” said a park visitor.

During hot summer days like in Houston there is nothing better than taking a swim to cool down.

“Basically this is a fantastic little oasis in the middle of the city. You drive by on Allen Parkway and you don’t realize what’s down here,” said one of the dog owners.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds can now enjoy new and improved amenities at Johnny Steele.

“You bathe your dog right here after they get muddy and dirty and stuff, then they can get a drink of water, and there’s benches all over the place. They have little lounge areas, it’s like a country club. They could charge a membership for this place,” said Wayne White, dog owner.

Improvements include separate entrances for small and large dogs, an expanded running area for dogs to roam freely, as well as dog washing stations, and covered pavilions for the owners.

Since Hurricane Harvey, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership has spent more than $450,000 in private funds on the renovations. Despite that park officials are certain that Johnny Steele will flood again this hurricane season. But the hope is these improvements will help minimize the damage ahead of any potential flooding.

“It’s going to flood again because that’s nature of our city these days so the improvements that happen may actually help with the maintenance aspect,” said Trudi Smith from the Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

Johnny Steele Dog Park is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.