Jogger Falls Off a 16-ft Pier Into Thick Mud–Rescuers Have to Race Against Time as the Tide Rises

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

When a runner fell from a pier in Chonburi, Thailand, emergency services had to act quickly to save him from the incoming tide.

The runner was completely stuck on his hands and knees in the thick, black mud, unable to free himself. He was covered head-to-toe in mud, leaving only his face free of the thick substance.

The runner fell 16-feet to the mud below while out jogging with a friend in the early morning, he said he’d been distracted by the sunrise and had taken a wrong step. Fortunately, although the mud had him trapped, it had also broken his fall, and he wasn’t injured.

When rescue workers arrived they knew they wouldn’t be able to save him without some special equipment, so they called a forklift to come to the scene as soon as possible, understanding they would only have so much time before the tide would drown him, and what seemed like a silly mistake would become a fatal one.

In the video of the rescue, we can see the tide coming in at the edge of the frame as two paramedics are lowered down to the man on a wooden platform. They attempt to free him manually, but it’s clear he won’t budge without help from the forklift.

Rescuers up on the pier throw down a sling, and the paramedics help the fallen jogger to get it under his arms.

Finally, the paramedics wrap the rope around the platform, and as the forklift lifts them up, they pull the man free of the tide, which is quickly surrounding him, and save his life.

Watch the video to see this amazing rescue as the tide threatens to make the situation a tragic one.

Video Credit: Newsflare