Jimmy Fallon asks Celine Dion to Impersonate Michael Jackson and Sia, Audience Loses It

August 8, 2019 Updated: August 17, 2019

Jimmy Fallon is a charming man. He also has an uncanny ability to draw out people’s weirdest, wackiest, and most wonderful qualities.

On this occasion, it was Celine Dion’s turn.

Celine Dion on the first night of her new show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, 2011 (©Getty Images | Ethan Miller)

Dressed to impress in a beautiful sequined number, Celine entered stage left and joined host Jimmy on the comfy Tonight Show sofas. Celine looked as elegant, prepped, and ready as she would be for one of her own performances.

This time, however, the iconic singer wouldn’t be performing any of her own songs. Oh no; Jimmy had roped her in to his now-infamous “Wheel of Musical Impressions” game, the awesome clip of which was later shared on YouTube.

A suited and booted Jimmy Fallon attends the People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Nov. 11, 2018 (©Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer)

Introducing Celine to his “bluetooth-controlled” musical impressions generator, Jimmy explained the game to the curious Canadian singer. The gadget would reveal a random combination of artist and song, Jimmy explained, and then they would take turns to perform their musical impressions.

Celine seemed game for a laugh, but little did the audience (or Jimmy) know just how funny she would be.

Celine Dion on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” at New York’s Rockefeller Center on July 21, 2016 (©Getty Images | Mike Coppola)

Round one: Celine singing Cher to the tune of “Frère Jacques.” Celine responded with mock incredulity. “Not fair!” she told Jimmy. “She’s my friend!” But the awesome performer didn’t hold back. In fact, she nailed it.

Jimmy then interjected with a pitch-perfect rendition of Michael Jackson singing “One Dance” and Johnny Cash singing “C is for Cookie,” but Celine’s next round really hit it out of the park. Jimmy, you’re amazing, but you’ll never beat the beloved queen of Canadian pop!

Host Jimmy Fallon looks on and laughs as the talented, hilarious Celine Dion brings the house down (©Getty Images | Mike Coppola)

Dared to impersonate Rihanna singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” Celine stepped up like she’d been singing R&B her whole life. But then the singer landed her next and final challenge: to impersonate Sia singing “Hush, Little Baby.”

The temptation to emulate the incredible vocal stylings of Sia was so strong that Celine couldn’t resist getting out of her seat. But the very best gag came moments later, halfway through the song, when Celine remembered Sia’s trademark eye-covering hairstyle.

Not to be outdone by host Jimmy’s witty banter and slapstick stylings, Celine thought on her feet. She whipped her own hair over her face to create heavy Sia-style bangs and held it there throughout the entire duration of the song. The crowd whooped and cheered, loving every second!

Whoever knew that Celine Dion was such a comic? This talented icon has tricks up her every sleeve. Be sure to watch this hilarious clip of Celine breaking out of her shell and living her best life.

In the immortal words of Sia herself, “party girls don’t get hurt” after all!


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