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Jan. 6 Detainees Confined 23 hrs/day; Risking All for American Dream

(1:04) Nearly 500 people have been charged in cases* related to the breach of the Capitol on January 6, with more charges expected. Some of dozens detained in federal prison awaiting trail, say they are being subject to Third World treatment, including solitary confinement, lack of required medical care, and restricted access to defense counsel.

We hear from two of their lawyers—John Pierce and Steven Metcalf II—and Ned Lang, the father of a defendant who is receiving particularly harsh treatment.

(28:47) In America Q&A we ask people across the country if they think it’s possible to have a truly nonpartisan January 6 Commission.

(31:58) And switching gears, on this Fourth of July weekend, we turn to why so many people want to make a life in America. In America Q&A we ask what the American Dream means to you.

(35:57) Then we’re joined by Tibi Czentye to hear his story. He’s a very determined man who risked everything to escape communist Romania to live the American Dream. America has been good him, but he’s worried about its future.

(49:38) Finally, in a bonus America Q&A we ask what makes America great.

*DOJ list of all charges.