James Corden Answers 73 Questions With ‘Vogue’

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
June 10, 2016 Updated: June 10, 2016

James Corden took a break from belting out tunes in his SUV when he participated in Vogue’s 73 question segment on June 9. The English funnyman answered questions about his favorite thing about living in Los Angeles (“the weather”), the biggest difference between the people in L.A and the U.K. (“the people”), and the most important person in Hollywood (“Jimmy Iovine”).

The seven-minute video showcases Corden as he walks through the CBS lot and onto the set of the “Late Late” show. The 37-year-old reveals more facts about himself, including bad habits (“nail biting”) and one thing he—and all of us—cannot live without (“oxygen”) and his favorite sports team (“West Ham United”).

Corden who is hosting the 70th annual Tony Awards for the first time on June 12, revealed the best advice he’s ever received. 

“If you’re doing it wrong, do it strong,” he said. 

The questions continues to cover everything from his last meal (“Shake Shack burger”), his favorite television show of all-time (“The West Wing”) and his fears (“bad things happening to my family”).

Corden is married to Julia Carey and the couple share two children. His thoughts on fatherhood?

“It gives you great perspective on your own life, and you realize how irrelevant a lot of it has been up until this moment,” he said. As for the advice he’d give his 13-year-old self, he says, “It’s just school, it’ll all be over soon, and a lot of these people are just [expletive].”

Corden also answers questions about his popular segment, Carpool Karaoke, where celebrities sing alongside the U.K. native. His dream guest would be “Beyonce” and he wouldn’t dare stop the car for “Dominic Cooper.” 

“He can walk,” the late-night star jokes.

His favorite moment from Carpool Karaoke has nothing to do with himself.

“When Stevie Wonder called my wife,” he said.

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