Is the Death of Iran’s General a Political Game Changer?

Is the Death of Iran’s General a Political Game Changer? The killing of Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, by the United States could be a political game-changer inside an Iraq that recently saw anti-government protests that included calls for Iran to stop meddling in the country, according to Middle East political analysts.

“Soleimani ran the pro-Tehran politicians in Iraq,” Sam Bazzi, a Middle East analyst and the founder of the (the web-based) Islamic Counterterrorism Institute and Hezbollah Watch, told The Epoch Times.

“He had carried a lot of political weight and influence among the Iranian regime’s regional proxies and political allies. His death comes at a time when Iraq is divided and in the process of electing a new prime minister,” said Bazzi.

Soleimani’s political power inside Iraq was visible—the day after anti-government protests erupted in Iraq, Soleimani flew into Baghdad late at night and took a helicopter to the heavily fortified Green Zone where he surprised a group of top security officials by chairing a meeting in place of the prime minister.

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