Intel Interns Reflect on Internship Program During Summer Wrap-up Event

July 28, 2018 Last Updated: July 30, 2018

Intel’s high school interns gathered at Oakland Technical High School for the Summer Wrap-up Event on July 26. The event allowed students to display their final projects and celebrate the conclusion of their internship program.

Nine teams of students were present at the event to display their projects.

The students all agreed that the internship program was a fun, educational, and beneficial experience. The interns all enjoyed learning as an Intel intern.

“I think it’s a great program. Over here, high school kids get experience working in a corporate environment,” said Naziur Annan, an intern from Oakland Technical High School.

Many of the students expressed that they had the opportunity to learn skills that they normally would not learn in a normal classroom setting.

The program mentors were all Intel employees and helped to guide the students through their projects.

“We have people that are basically working in this position, like our software engineer that was here to help us. It’s not like a teacher that’s yelling in our hears ‘hey do this, do that,’ we have someone that would run us through everything,” Abdulhadi, an intern from McClymonds High School.

The interns expressed that they felt the internship “was a very valuable opportunity” because they, as high school students, were able to work inside the Intel campuses and alongside employees.

“This give you the opportunity to learn what you want to do. You don’t have to get into coding or engineering to be in this program, you can go to other stuff like psychology or health,” said Chibuzo, an intern from Oakland Technical High School.

The students were able to apply what they learned to develop products that stemmed from their other interests. During the event, students displayed projects that related to environmental protection, public safety and much more.

This internship program with Intel allowed students to learn first-hand from professionals in the field, who helped the students navigate the various types of jobs they want to pursue.

Interns appreciated the how the program was structured, three weeks of classroom learning and three weeks of hands-on experience at Intel.

“I also enjoy that there’s two parts to the internship. We get soft skills, like business skills and presenting skills, but in the latter half we get engineering skills and coding skills. So it really set you up for a job in corporate America,” explained Azana Walker.