At The Epoch Times, we want good things to catch on. For an article to go viral on social media, it must be accompanied by an extraordinary Facebook post. Your post is your front line with your readers, it is what readers will see when they scroll through their Facebook feed. A good post will catch the reader’s eye and entice them to click through to your article.

In this competition, you will have the chance to show us your creativity and marketing-savvy by crafting a Facebook “post package” that will stop readers as they scroll through their feed and compel them to click.

A Facebook post package includes: post text, image, and headline; a description is optional. 



Here are a few pro tips from our expert social media team to help you make your post truly irresistible. 

Post Text:

  • Usually this is more personal or emotional to try to convey the experience you’re promising the reader. A good quote can work well too.
  • Keep it short so people can understand what you’re saying quickly


  • Feature people in the image—clear faces and human bodies draw people in (animals too!)
  • Tell part of the story using multiple images 
  • Use contrasting colors (especially ones that make vivid colors stand out)
  • Project a sense of motion
  • Avoid stock images; real photos, even if poorer quality, always work better


  • Don’t give everything away, but don’t go as far as clickbait either (here’s what Facebook says about that)
  • Create intrigue, curiosity
  • Create the promise of a great experience in reading your article
  • Try to elicit a strong emotional response
  • Use “I” statements and “you” statements (both make readers feel personally involved)


 Before vs. After

Two identical stories, two very different Facebook posts.


What makes one post so much more attractive than the other? Our social media team explains:

Original Post:

  • The headline gives away too much of the story: why would a reader even need to click through?
  • The headline and post text downplay the story: they oversimplify the story’s content in a generic and forgettable way

Better Post:

  • The headline acts as a hook: it builds interest and ends on a cliffhanger, drawing readers into the story
  • The image is personal and authentic-feeling: it gives off less of a stock image vibe


Ready to Get Started?

For this competition, you will need to create and submit a visual mockup of your Facebook post package. Instructions on how to create one can be found on the Submission Requirements page here.


Test it out

Once you have finished creating your Facebook post package, show it to your friends—as many as you can!—and see what they say. Would they click on it?