Inmates Use ‘Car-Theft Skills’ to Rescue a Baby Trapped in SUV

March 2, 2019 Updated: March 15, 2019

It’s in rare and unusual circumstances that an officer would allow a group of inmates to use their “car-theft skills” to break into a vehicle—especially in broad daylight. However, for one group of inmates from Florida, their “skills” proved to be life-saving for one baby who was trapped in a locked SUV.

On Feb. 14, five inmates who were working in a parking lot at West Pasco Judicial Center came to the aid of distressed parents who accidentally locked their keys in their SUV after securing their baby in the backseat.

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Deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office attended the scene after being alerted of the situation.

After several minutes, the father of the baby told the deputies that he was going to break the driver-side window, as the couple weren’t able to afford a locksmith, according to WFLA-TV.

According to a bill passed in March 2016 by the Florida governor, it is legal to break into locked vehicles to rescue pets or vulnerable people who are believed to be in imminent danger of suffocation or other harm, such as overheated cars. However, law enforcement must be notified “before entering the motor vehicle or immediately thereafter.”

The weather was 58 degrees outside so the deputy did not deem the baby in immediate danger to warrant a need to break the windows.

It was here that deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office summoned five low-risk offenders from nearby to pry open the front door with a coat-hanger.

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Within minutes, the front door was unlocked, and the baby, who was “just sitting there happy” during the ordeal, was rescued and embraced by grateful parents.

“Yes! Thank God!” Lantry shouted in joy as the door swung open and the baby was rescued. “Thank you guys so much.”

According to ABC7, this event was considered “a rare moment of inmates working with law enforcement.”

“Ultimately, inmate David Freyn was able to unlock the vehicle, by using the hanger to push the electronic door lock, while other inmates helped pry the door open,” Pasco County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Amanda Hunter told The Washington Post.

“The inmate work crew was supervised by multiple deputies during the process and were able to get into the vehicle within minutes without damaging the vehicle. The child was also unharmed in the incident.”

Sheriff Chris Nocco told KLUV radio that he allowed the inmate, Freyn, to use these “skills” for the right reasons.

Sheriff Chris Nocco

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Freyn, who had successfully pried open the car door with the coat hanger, was arrested in October 2018 for a probation violation for grand theft and fraud, according to The Washington Post.

“They know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life,” Sheriff Nocco said.

In a Facebook post, Lantry said, “[I] love em all they’re al human too and this video proves it.”

Another Facebook user replied, “Thank god those people were there tho! And baby girl is safe.”

The mother of the baby, Shadow Lantry, was grateful to everyone involved and said she wanted to learn the identities of the inmates in order to contribute to their commissary accounts.