Infant Born with Down Syndrome Faces Open-Heart Surgery but Mother’s Faith Never Falters

May 19, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

A mother’s love for her child is  truly unconditional and she can go above and beyond to save her little one from any adversity. This is what happened when an Oregon mother bore the hardship of having to deal with a young son’s heart surgery while being left in the dark on the fate of her unborn twins.

Rachael Grier, a mother of four, shared her moving story of how an echocardiogram of her newborn son revealed two holes and a deformed valve less than a week after his birth.

The helpless mother watched her child being taken into an operating theater, “My eyes burned. My throat constricted. ‘I hate these doors,’ my thoughts spat,” she shared in a post with LoveWhatMatters.

But fortunately, just before his second birthday, he was scheduled for heart surgery, and that went successfully.

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Little did she know that she would be facing those doors again.

While Rachael longed for another child, her husband, Cody, was unsure. He had already made an appointment for a vasectomy.

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But things took an unexpected turn when Cody disclosed that he had canceled his vasectomy and was willing to “try for one more.” Rachael discovered she was already a few weeks pregnant.

At their first appointment with a midwife, the couple was bewildered with the results of the ultrasound.

“I propped up in disbelief, listening to the crowded sound of the Doppler’s drumming. Two babies? My husband was (ironically) ecstatic. ‘Twins!?’” she recalled.

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“‘Look at our sweet girls!’ we cooed,” Rachael shared upon seeing their twin girls during the following fetal echocardiogram.

On that very same day, the couple discovered the disheartening news that both of their daughters were diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

The part that shocked them the most was that not only did the twins require an open-heart surgery at birth, but there was a very strong possibility they would have Down syndrome as well.

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After six specialists reviewed their situation, the couple “without a doubt” found that the girls had heart defects. The saddened mother searched for information on how best to deal with the cardiac situation of her daughters but found nothing.

While many parents often approach the topic of Down syndrome with a “timid and somber hue,” the couple, on the other hand, showed the lack of sadness or grief in our hearts concerning the unborn baby girls.

Maintaining a positive attitude, during the pregnancy, Rachael and Cody emphasized their neutrality towards Trisomy 21. The only thing Rachael dreaded was facing those “heavy double doors” again.

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However, the couple was blessed and their twins were delivered naturally. A surprise then awaited them, as they learned that one of the twins heart’s defect had miraculously cleared up. Rachael and Cody’s hearts were filled with gratitude and relief.

However, the open-heart surgery on the other twin occurred six months after birth.

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“The whole event was exceedingly more turbulent than that with our son, yet through it we watched our daughter touch the lives of thousands,” Rachael recalled.

The situation was definitely not easy, as the couple faced “complications and setbacks.”

But through the long days and nights at the hospital, their little baby girl brought people from far and wide together.

“We walked out of the hospital, once again, feeling beyond thankful. We are in awe of the small, sweet and beloved life we are privileged to hold in our arms, as well as her sister’s!” Rachael explained.

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“I have received messages upon messages from fellow parents expressing an emotional shift from dread to hope upon seeing their contagious smiles,” she exclaimed.

Braving life’s difficulties together, the strong-willed couple with their positive attitude combined with incredible love have proven that miracles can happen to anyone, while also setting an example about erasing “any negative stigmas towards Down syndrome.”

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