‘I’m really happy to see it so successful and so many people coming’

“It was very beautiful. I really appreciate the history and culture, and the spiritual part, sharing that with people.


“I think the world needs it, society needs it, because we’re so disconnected with where we come from. Life is so busy and society is so busy and focused on survival and competition.


“I think it’s important that there’s an art [performance like Shen Yun] and it’s so successful. It’s doing so much work to share that spiritual connection and the Chinese tradition with the world.”


“There is a higher way than [the way] we’re living. There’s a higher connection. There’s something that connects us all, like a source, whether it’s Buddha or whether it’s the universe or whether it’s God. That’s our strength and that’s our wisdom, and that’s our power and compassion, and just honouring that is very important.”


“I’m really touched. I feel very supportive of it, I’m very grateful that this is around, and I’m really happy to see it so successful and so many people coming. I’m going to keep coming to watch. I brought my daughter this time. Next time I’ll bring my son.


“I think it’s very important education-wise, because we don’t have that in our education [system].”


“Their heart, their dedication to doing this, that touches me most—to just express their joy and share this with the world.”


“The dance is lovely, the music is lovely—it’s just amazing, very beautiful to watch.”


Stacy Takagawa, life and leadership coach, counsellor
Vancouver, Canada
Shen Yun Touring Company
January 30, 2017