Idaho Mom Shaves Daughters’ Heads for Eating Ice Cream, Gets Arrested Months Later

October 31, 2017 Updated: October 31, 2017

A mom from Canyon Country, Idaho is accused of beating her four children and shaving the heads of two girls—all because they ate a whole tub of ice cream.

Priscilla Zapata, 26, told relatives that she “lost it” after finding out her children, two boys, and two girls had eaten all the ice cream back in the evening of July 18 this year, NBC affiliate WCNC reported.

According to WCNC, Zapata allegedly beat all four of her children with a belt, causing bruising. Authorities did not reveal the age of the children.

One of the daughters told investigators that her mother had pushed her face into the ice cream and hit her “everywhere.”

In addition, the other daughter said she “felt like [she] was going to die” after Zapata choked her against the wall, WCNC reported.

The mother is also accused of shaving off both girls heads as a form of punishment. One of the children said she did not say anything when her head was being shaved, for fear her mother would retaliate. Both the boys suffered from similar injuries and bruising, PEOPLE reported.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, authorities said that the girls’ shaved heads amounted to physical and emotional abuse.

But it took nearly three months after the incident for an arrest warrant to be issued on Oct. 5.

“When we have serious allegations like these, we don’t ever want to rush the investigation. These things take time to complete,” Joe Decker, Canyon County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, told PEOPLE.

The mother is currently behind bars in Canyon County Jail.

The mother is charged with four felony counts of injury to a child. If she is convicted, Zapata could face up to 10 years in prison for each individual count.

That’s a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

All of the four children were placed into the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, WCNC reported. Zapata’s next appearance in court is on Nov. 8, for a preliminary hearing.

Another recent case, also involving shaved hair caused widespread outrage on social media.

A mother from Massachusetts is looking to sue a Dracut town group home, after staff sent her daughter to a salon to shave her head, with one of them claiming that her curly hair would grow back straight.

“I am very upset. And I’m not going to stop being upset because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated,” mother Denise Robinson told NECN.

Robinson said the group home never contacted or even asked permission to shave her 7-year-old daughter’s hair. Tru is now nearly fully bald.

When the mother dropped off her daughter at Little Heroes Group Home earlier this month, her hair reached well past her shoulders, according to Daily News. Robinson said staff only told her the decision to cut off the hair was for hygiene reasons.

According to Yahoo, Robinson first took to Facebook to open up about the incident.

“Tru was assaulted yesterday at school and anyone who knows me know that I never claim racism — But why was my daughter’s head shaved?” she wrote. “There are three other girls in her class, two white girls, one black, none of these girls got scaled. Why Tru??” she wrote.