Iconic Seafood Shack Teeters on Edge of Collapse After Nor’easter

By Carrie Gilkison, Epoch Times

An iconic seafood restaurant on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts, sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean today after a weekend nor’easter’s winds and waves wiped out the sand dune that once separated shack from shore.

John Ohman, owner of Liam’s, told The Boston Globe he was waiting to hear whether the city of Orleans would tear the building down or if the waters would finish the job.

Liam’s began life in the 1950s as Philbrick’s and has been a Nauset Beach tradition ever since. The city of Orleans recently decided not to renew Ohman’s contract when it expires in three years and instead would consider food trucks to replace it.

Ohman described to The Boston Globe what the beach was like decades ago. “I think it was a magical moment time in the history of Cape Cod, where the sea met the tourism industry with a perfect symbiosis of great seafood, all the sealife — whales and sharks — and great music…It was a mecca of a place to be.”

Now it is a different picture. “Literally, the sand is eating under the foundation right now. It’s in danger of falling into the ocean.”

According to The Weather Channel, the storm “washed out about 35 feet of beach and also began to claim the dune on which Liam’s rests.” They said that when the storm finally quieted, Ohman discovered the building “hanging on the edge of a cliff.”

“The beach is still there,” Ohman said, “but I would venture to say that they’re going to have a lot of work. It would take an acrobat to get down those stairs right now.”

Video Credit: Orleans Police Department via Storyful