‘I found it very healing for my brain, very healing for my heart’

“It was absolutely amazing, very soul enriching. Our hearts are open and we are really happy that we came. It was beautiful.” 


“[The ‘Light Cavalry Overture’] brought back so many beautiful memories and I thought it was wonderfully done. It just brought a smile to my face.”


“[The music of Shen Yun is] just pure joy. Honestly, very present in the moment and you just leave all of the rest of your life outside. And you are lifted up.”


“Just feeling, all of a sudden, the unity. I was so appreciative of all of the artists and the musicians, and just being there and knowing that we’re bringing two cultures together made me feel so connected to everyone in the room. And that is what created the joy in my heart. … It’s a perfect combination. It brings out the best of both. It has familiarity but at the same time, a bit of exoticness to it as well.”


“I was in awe. [The soprano] was fantastic, absolutely amazing, beautiful.” 


“I’m recently recovering from being in a car accident. So to be here and to be very present, I actually found it very healing for my brain. Very healing for my heart. And just being able to relax and be completely in the moment was the lift that I was looking for. So I really appreciated that.”

Laurie Evans, manager in the health industry
Toronto, Canada
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 11, 2017