Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement After Vasectomy

April 18, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

To his surprise, a husband finds out his wife is pregnant after a vasectomy and plans a way to surprise her with the exciting news. The experience is all caught on video.

A few months after his vasectomy, a husband was surprised to find his wife “acting” pregnant—tired, hungry, and a little nauseous. After joking about the possibility of being pregnant with another child, they realize he has never gone back to his doctor to get the test results confirming a successful vasectomy. Thus, the possibility exists of another pregnancy.

After a call with his doctor, he learns his procedure wasn’t successful, and that his doctor forgot to tell him, and he decides to keep all the information to himself.

During the night, he made sure the toilet wouldn’t flush, and used it to check his wife’s urine with a pregnancy test. Sure enough, she was pregnant! Towards the end of the video, he surprises her with flowers, a card, and the positive pregnancy test hidden behind it all.

The whole story and reactions are caught on tape, as both husband and wife are clearly unable to contain their surprise. Viewers at home cannot believe it either, leaving them shocked along with the couple. Soon after the couple shares the exciting news with their children to their excitement as well, again, all caught on tape.

You have to see it to believe such a wholsome story.

Credit: Newsflare