Houston Helps Guatemala

June 7, 2018 Last Updated: June 7, 2018

Two hundred people are missing and 75 were killed from Sunday’s volcanic eruption in Guatemala. Search teams are on the ground waiting to be told if it is safe for them to go in and start rescuing survivors.

Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston is taking 11 burn victims. They will be arriving by military plane on June 7.

There has been an outpouring of support in Galveston for those who have been affected by the volcano.

A Guatemala Restaurant near Hillcroft and Richmond is accepting donations and volunteers are helping to sort through hygiene products, baby diapers, formula, and cases of water. The organizers said that they are not collecting money only supplies.

If people want to make a monetary donation the Guatemala Consulate in Houston is directing people to the Red Cross of Guatemala. The counsel said he believes that that would help most because the communities in the disaster zone have likely lost everything.

“It amazes us the many help that we have received not only from the Guatemalan people but also other countries,” said Ingrid Pastor.

“Heartbreaking, I have a son and my family, I know there were families and of course that’s heartbreaking to see because they are human beings,” Amy Tunay, donor.

Counsel General of Guatemala Richardo Montes said it’s time to help Guatemalans back home. The consulate is not serving as a donation site instead he is directing people to donate to Red Cross of Guatemala. He added Guatemala’s are a noble people who often give what little they have to help their neighbors.

Ingrid Pastor said, “The thing you lose last is hope, we are humans we are here to help each other.”

The restaurant will continue collecting donations until Friday, they are working with a local shipping company to get all the donations to Guatemala.