Horticulture Business Owner Finds ‘A Slice of Heaven’ at Shen Yun

January 3, 2018

“Excellent. Very beautiful message of universality. And the seeking of that oneness from within. Tremendous message in that regard.”

“With the hope that there would be an awakening among many people about the idea that heaven or the kingdom of God is within—that message being from within.”

“The music made everything come to live, in a way that it would not have. But you put the two together, the performances, the dance, and the music, then, of course, you have a slice of heaven.”

“[The digital backdrop is] amazing. Truly amazing. Yes, very impressive. It awakens a lot of the senses, in terms of taking in a whole other dimension.”

“Just for me personally, it makes me want to get in that quiet place and meditate, look within, and reflect.”