Horrified Man Claims Maggots Were Wriggling Inside KFC Chicken Drumstick

By Janita Kan, Epoch Times
May 28, 2018 Last Updated: May 28, 2018

A man has claimed to have found maggots wriggling inside a chicken leg he bought at a KFC restaurant in northern New South Wales.

Martyn Bates posted the stomach-churning video to Facebook on March 2 saying, “If this doesn’t put you off KFC nothing will … this came with extra wiggley [sic] things. I’d just taken a bite and it tasted funny.”

Bates told the Gold Coast Bulletin that he bought three pieces of chicken at 3 p.m. earlier this month. He took one piece out of the bag and placed the other two in his flexible cooler and kept it in an air-conditioned car. He then placed the bag in the fridge when he got home.

When he sat down to eat the remaining two pieces of chicken for dinner at 9 p.m. that evening, he was horrified to find that one piece was infested with maggots, Bates claims.

“I spat it out by the way,” Bates told the bulletin. “It was like when you bite on tinfoil, it had a really strange taste.”

“I was so disgusted I ended up gargling half a bottle of Listerine,” he added.

After the awful experience, he contacted the KFC store and showed them the video. He was offered a $20 voucher and asked to delete the video.

Bates said he refused because he was not after the money but wanted people to know about the incident.

A spokesperson from KFC told the bulletin that it was “unlikely” that the chicken had become infested at their restaurant.

“We have spoken to the customer in detail about his complaint,” a spokesman said, reported the bulletin.

“We have explained why it is unlikely this situation happened in our restaurant pre-purchase.

“KFC works closely with leading Australian forensic entomologists to understand flies to ensure our restaurant cooking and food handling practices are robust so we can keep our food safe.

“Their latest studies show that flies only deposit eggs in food with temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius.

“We hold our raw chicken below these temperatures and our cooked chicken well above so again, it’s unlikely this situation happened pre-purchase.

“Unfortunately during the warmer months, flies are out in force across Australia, and we urge customers to take care when leaving food uncovered to prevent these instances from occurring.”

Bates denies he had left out the chicken long enough for flies to lay eggs. The bulletin reported that Bates was unhappy with KFC’s response.

It is unclear when the KFC store was last inspected by the local authority.


Credit: Martyn Bates via Storyful