Hong Kong Occupy Central Live Stream and Blog: Day 29 (Oct. 26)

October 25, 2014 Updated: October 26, 2014

Follow the latest developments from the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. See prior events here.

For a timeline summarizing important developments in the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement,  check out our key events page.

22:38 HKT [10:38 EDT] 

21:07 HKT [9:07 EDT] Violence by anti-Occupy thugs continues. 

20:55 HKT [8:55 EDT] Strong presence in Admiralty. 

20:46 HKT [8:46 EDT] A (nearly) life-sized poster of Xi Jinping holding an umbrella is now available for Hong Kongers to pose next to. 

17:59 HKT [5:59 EDT]

17:35 HKT [5:35 EDT] This traffic light has got it right. 

15:47 HKT [3:47 EDT] The student organizations have decided to suspend the protesters’ referendum that was to be held today, citing lack of preparation as well as division of opinion within the leadership. A statement by organizers from the Federation of Students, Occupy Central, and Scholarism says: 

“We believe a mass movement should act according to the will of the people and we apologize to the public for the lack of discussion among the participants before making the previous decision.”

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0519 HKT [1719 EDT] A large group of Hong Kong police entered the Mong Kok protester area and knocked down protesters’ tents, according to on-site observers.

0442 HKT [1642] Want to know how many people are camping out as of Thursday, Oct. 23? 1,771, according to Umbrella Movement Tents Population Census.

0253 HKT [1453 EDT] Lee Cheuk Yan, chairman of the pan-democracy Labour Party, checks out the Argyle Street barrier.

0101 HKT [1301 EDT] The Alliance for Peace and Democracy, a Blue Ribbon movement, anti-Occupy Central group, announced that they are starting a nine-day signature campaign to gather signatures throughout Hong Kong “to seek support for the return of occupied roads to the public.”

0019 HKT [1219 EDT] Here’s the press release of the Occupy Central poll on a counter proposal to the Hong Kong government regarding sending the report they are sending to the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office.

0018 HKT [1218 EDT] Coverage of the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) reporter attack by anti-Occupy Central supporters continue.

The reporter, Wong Wing-yin, was covering a Blue Ribbon Movement rally when she was surrounded by a group of people, who asked her if she was a journalist.

Someone tried to snatch Wong’s press pass and backpack, and she was later assaulted when she fell to the ground.

At the same event, three TVB staff, a reporter and two cameramen, were also assaulted.

Shirley Yam, a spokesperson for the Hong Kong Journalist Association, described the attack as “barbaric and unacceptable.”

Ms. Yam also noted that 24 journalists have been attacked since the Occupy Central protests began, and said that she couldn’t fathom why journalist, who have been clearly displaying their press passes and equipment, have been assaulted.

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