Hong Kong Occupy Central Live Stream and Blog: Day 28 (Oct. 25)

October 24, 2014 Updated: October 25, 2014

Follow the latest developments from the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. See prior events here.

2357 HKT [1157 EDT] Chief Executive CY Leung argues against universal suffrage again in his latest statement.

Earlier in the day, James Tien form the Liberal Party, which is pro-business and supports Beijing, suggested that Leung should resign because he has not been administering Hong Kong well since he was elected in 2012.

2337 HKT [1137 EDT] The anti-Occupy Central group claims that they have “320,000” signatures from Hongkongers requesting that the Occupy Central protests be stopped.

2304 HKT [1104 EDT] Have burning questions about the Occupy Central poll on Sunday? Check out this brief Q&A.

2204 HKT [1004 EDT] Student leaders such as Yvonne Leung, Alex Chow, and Lester Shum are giving speeches and drawing the crowds in Mong Kok.

2150 HKT [0950 EDT] Joshua Wong, the convener of Scholarism, says that a secondary school student, Kelvin Lin, has arrested for by the police for “obstruction.” Kelvin was holding a banner with the words “[Occupy Central protesters] Standing in the Light; [but have been] Beaten in the Dark [by the police]” at an anti-Occupy booth in Hang Hau.

2139 HKT [0939 EDT] Anti-Occupy Central protesters attack a Radio Television Hong Kong who was covering their efforts to gather signatures from the people of Hong Kong to get the Occupy Central protesters to end their demonstrations.

RTHK decided to stop covering the anti-Occupy Central blue ribbon movement.


2128 HKT [0928 EDT] Occupy Central with Love and Peace co-founder Benny Tai compared with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and General Augusto Pinochet.

2045 HKT [0845 EDT] Xi Jinping and his yellow umbrella watches on as Lego people step all over a cardboard cut out of Chief Executive Leung Chunying.


2038 HKT [0838 EDT] Here’s the details of the Umbrella Movement Occupied area vote on Sunday, Oct. 26. Contrary to an earlier misunderstanding, the vote is not about whether the protesters should carry on occupying Central, but how the groups should go ahead and response to the Hong Kong government’s proposal at the student-government dialogue on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

Also, another picture of Xi with his yellow umbrella, telling the Hong Kong cops: “Let the students go; look to me for a fight!”

 1927 HKT [0727 EDT] Apple Daily announces that their Sunday, Oct. 26 edition will come with seven Lion Rock banner stickers.

1828 HKT [0628] Xi Jinping finally shows up in Mong Kok! Someone printed the Photoshopped image the Chinse leader and stuck it to cardboard. Now, how will the cops react to that…

1712 HKT [0512 EDT] The Lion Rock banner makes an appearance at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre.

1649 HKT [0449 EDT] Ba-boy! Gru’s Minions have occupied Mong Kong!

1643 HKT [0443 EDT] Here’s a funny, and sadly accurate, cartoon of police action towards the pro-democracy protesters.

1200 HKT [0000 EDT] A tent spotting a Lion Rock banner. Apple Daily, a Hong Kong publication that openly supports the pan-democracy camp, issued the pullout free with their Oct. 25 edition.