Hong Kong Occupy Central Live Stream and Blog: Day 25 (Oct. 22)

October 21, 2014 Updated: October 22, 2014

Follow the latest developments from the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. See prior events here. 

23:45 HKT [11:45 EDT] 

23:33 HKT [11:33 EDT] A photoshopped Xi Jinping holding an umbrella on a photoshopped cover of Time. 

22:41 HKT [10:41 EDT] Heavy rainfall in Mong Kok. 

20:00 HKT [8:00 EDT] What will become of “Umbrella Man?”

19:53 HKT [7:53 EDT] telephone survey interviewing 802 Hongkongers aged 15 years old and older between October 8 and 15 has found that 37.8 per cent of respondents said they supported the protests, while 35.5 per cent indicated they were against it. Over half of the respondents were opposed to the police’s earlier use of tear gas while close to one fifth said the actions were appropriate. Among people ages 15 to 24, 62 percent supported the protests. 

19:43 HKT [7:43 EDT] The arson attempt on Nathan Road is being investigated by police. 

19:35 HKT [7:35 EDT] It’s been a month since the student movement started. 

18:44 HKT [6:44 EDT] An anti-Occupy thug doused part of the protest site on Nathan Road with a liquid that appears to be gasoline. He was quickly encircled and subdued by protesters, who await police action. 

18:29 HKT [6:29 EDT] Anonymous has hacked 70 Hong Kong government websites, as reported by the South China Morning Post. 

18:21 [6:21 EDT] Barricades remain intact. 

17:55 HKT [5:55 EDT] Anti-Occupy mob tries to dismantle barricades; are dealt with by police. 

17:03 HKT [5:03 EDT] The Hong Kong government has conducted a poll on universal suffrage, but refuses to make the results known. When asked by a legislator about the poll, Kenneth Tam, secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, repeated chief executive Leung Chun-ying’s remarks from Sep. 25 claiming that almost 70 percent of respondents said that they would vote in the 2017 chief executive elections if “one person, one vote” was introduced. 

16:51 HKT [4:51 EDT] Are police prepaing to clear out the protesters now? 

16:31 HKT [4:31 EDT] Kenny G has made a statement on the protests. 

16:15 HKT [4:15 EDT] American jazz saxophonist Kenny G has shown up in Hong Kong’s Admiralty to support the protests. Kenng G, whose work are quite popular in China, is the first foreign celebrity to do so publicly. In response, the Chinese regime has reminded foreign governments and individuals not to support Occupy Central or other “illegal activities in any form.” 

13:31 HKT [1:31 EDT] A video game depicting the events of Occupy Central is now available, complete with pro-Beijing thugs. 

02:01 HKT [14:01 EDT] Plants between lanes of Mong Kok streets kept watered by protesters. 

01:18 HKT [13:18 EDT] Carrie Lam agrees to disagree with protesters, though apparently she is open to further talks. 

00:28 HKT [12:28 EDT] Protesters disappointed by lack of concrete govt’ response during talks, govt’ disappointed at this disappointment.