Hong Kong Occupy Central Live Stream and Blog: Day 24 (Oct. 21)

October 20, 2014 Updated: October 21, 2014

Follow the latest developments from the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. See prior events here. 

Results of the Student-Government Dialogue 

Beginning at 6:00 p.m. local time, the talks were held in the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. 

The students’ side has brought out a highly detailed legal analysis to support their basic moral argument about the simple legitimacy of a system that is not representative. 

“Is this system democratic? Is it free? Is it fair? Is this what we should head towards, with an unfair nominating committee? Is it going to be leading us to a fair society, or an unfair society?” said Alex Chow, secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, which is leading the talks. 

“Our demands are very simple,” Alex Chow said. “We want civil nominations. We don’t want appointments.” 

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, who headed the government side of the debate, reaffirmed the government’s position. “The Basic Law has clear provisions on the nomination of the chief executive by the nominating committee. This is not something new,” she said.  

The government side said that as a part of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong would have to follow the decisions of the Communist Party. 

During two hours of discussion, they appeared to wring one concession from the gathered officials: that they would submit to an arm of the central authorities a report that discussed the concerns. This “sentiment report,” as it was quickly termed in Chinese, appeared to be the only concrete outcome of the talk. 

Read the full Epoch Times report here. 

23:07 HKT [11:07 EDT] Crowds give the student leaders a lengthy cheer. 

23:01 HKT [11:01 EDT] Student leaders address the crowds. 

22:58 HKT [10:58 EDT] Leung Chun-ying has backtracked on his statements regarding the poor and said that his government is “populist.”

22:49 HKT [10:49 EDT] 

20:15 HKT [8:15] EDT Student-government dialogue has been held successfully . 

18:00 HKT [6:00 EDT] The dialogue between the Hong Kong government and representatives from the pro-democracy movement has commenced and will last two hours. Crowds watch the debates live. 

07:24 HKT [19:24 EDT] According to the South China Morning Post, 2000 police are to guard strategic points in the city while talks are held between student leaders and the government. 

03:00 HKT [15:00 EDT] Video showing police violence in Mong Kok the previous day. 

2:32 HKT [14:32 EDT] Apple Daily has reported that the alleged minutes of an English-language Civic Party meeting, which called for violence to fight for democracy and were subsequently used to tarnish the image of the peaceful protest movement, have been shown to be a fabrication. The fake minutes was the work of Simon Ng, who opposes Occupy Central. He attended the Civic Party meeting uninvited, using the information gathered there to compose his lies.

02:28 HKT [14:28 EDT] Hong Kong’s High Court has banned the protest movement; police warn of “riot.” 

01:50 HKT [13:50 EDT] Legislators are with the protesters in Mong Kok. 

01:13 HKT [13:13 EDT] Mong Kok at night.