Hong Kong Collects Stories of Chinese Renouncing the Party

By Liang Zhen, Epoch Times
March 5, 2011 12:38 pm Last Updated: March 29, 2011 2:33 am

From the transfer of its sovereignty to China in 1997, Hong Kong has remained a unique land of freedom on the southern tip of China. In recent years it has served as a channel for voicing what the Chinese public is thinking. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a series of editorials by The Epoch Times, has triggered waves of Chinese people renouncing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Hong Kong residents have taken an active part and are now beginning to see the significance of the event.

Over the six years after the publishing of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, more and more Chinese people have gained a better understanding of the CCP and of its rule by violence and propaganda. Widespread awakening of the public is now taking place. By now, over 90 million people have declared their renunciation of the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers online.

In mainland China, besides quitting the CCP, people who have awakened to the loss of the legitimacy of CCP rule have even started organizing study sessions to read through The Nine Commentaries. A military commander veteran in a southern Chinese province told The Epoch Times in April 2010 that some local residents had set up Nine Commentaries study sessions as early as March 2008. In about two years, the group had attracted 473 people, from all walks of life, including former CCP officials. People withdrew from the CCP as soon as they learnt about its history and modus operandi in depth.

The veteran pointed out that these study groups were not isolated events. In the province where he lives, he was aware that in over 30 counties people gathered to study Nine Commentaries in groups.

Debunking Marx

A recent series of reports on Karl Marx by the Chinese version of The Epoch Times had a significant impact on Chinese readers.

Zhang Shixin, Quan Ming, Li Ying and five other people from Jilin Province declared in their statement, “The devious nature of Karl Marx is both shocking and credible. What is really shocking is that the CCP has been spreading such outright lies of its being ‘great, glorious, and correct’ while its doyen, Karl Marx lived such a devious life. On the other hand, the brutal acts the CCP carried out in its nearly 90 years of history has offered the most credible explanation of its own nature. Upon awakening, we declare to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. We want to be proud sons and daughters of the Chinese nation.”

A Chinese resident argued in his statement quitting the CCP, “Marxism serves as the theoretical foundation of the Communist Party, while the analysis of the surplus value serves the theoretical foundation of Marxism. Under this analysis, business owners have no right to retain profit to either expand the scale of production or to save for economic downturns, otherwise they face the charge of exploiting employees. In today's China, the CCP has been dodging this question for decades. The CCP's self-contradictory acts offer no better proof that it is using Marxism as a brainwashing tool to serve its dictatorial regime.”

Jiang Jiefeng, from Guangdong Province, declared to quit the CCP and will adhere to “five thousand years of Chinese tradition to avoid being misled by the devious teachings of Karl Marx.”

A Worker Who Lost Work and Home

When reporters for The Epoch Times' Chinese edition weekly magazine were interviewing people at the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, one of Hong Kong's major tourist attractions, A-Xue (a pseudonym) had quit the CCP's affiliated organizations using her official name and was glad to be interviewed.

She said that she was among the countless laid-off workers in China's central Hubei Province. She was surprised to find that she had lost her job, one day in the early 1990's. Her employer promised to pay compensation based on her years of service, but she never received anything. Having lost the low-income job that she depended on for living, she fell into financial distress.

In 1996, A-Xue's father received a housing allocation. A-Xue's family moved in and did some home improvements. However, five years later, the head of the personnel section of her former employer forced her to give up the apartment she got from her father. The official told her that she had been assigned an apartment by her original employer, as “her father's apartment had to be returned to the CCP.” A-Xue fought for half a year. The authorities cut off the water and electricity. In the end, she had to move out. She went to debate with the factory director of her former employer, but was beaten up by the factory security guards.

A-Xue was puzzled at her unfair treatment. At first she wondered, “This could be caused by the incompetence of the top leaders?” One day in 2008, she received a brochure in her mailbox. It was Chapter 3 of The Nine Commentaries titled, “On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.” It dawned on her that all the misery was caused by the CCP itself.

She learned that the CCP has had a tight grip on state media. It killed countless people, muffled dissenting views, and indoctrinated the public. She had to rely on overseas sources for facts.

A-Xue said that in today's China, renouncing the CCP and its affiliated organizations has picked up momentum. It is not uncommon for people to ask each other privately, “Have you quit?” She has seen in the city, printed leaflets and handwritten signs on electric poles, hallways in residential quarters, and on paper currency telling people that the CCP rule is much more fragile than it looks.

After reading the brochure of Chapter 3 of The Nine Commentaries, A-Xue wrote “the CCP is being extinguished by heaven” on a dozen paper bills. She placed the brochure at the door of her local police station to give the officers a surprise.

As a Chinese citizen, A-Xue had been waiting for the day she could speak her mind. She hoped more people will have the opportunity to read The Nine Commentaries. She has just finished reading the entire nine chapters after receiving the book distributed by Hong Kong Falun Gong practitioners. She was shocked at its depictions of the CCP's brutality and deception. She renounced CCP-affiliated organizations with her real name. She said, “I feel I'm relieved, I am awakened. This is the biggest change I have made in this trip.”

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