How Did a ‘Hobbyist’ Organic Farmer’s Veggies Get So Massive? The Secret’s ‘In the Seed’

January 7, 2019 Updated: January 14, 2019

Most of us know how big an average vegetable is, as the supermarket’s produce section seems to retail vegetables that come from the same mold. But this hobby farmer will not be going back to the supermarket for produce anytime soon. He grows whopping great vegetables that are bigger than some of his grandchildren!

Phillip Vowles knows the secret to growing giant vegetables organically that weigh over 100 pounds (approx. 45 kg). The 67-year-old retired farmer from Llanharry, South Wales, England, has learned a few tricks after growing vegetables for a quarter of a century.

Phillip Vowles (Giant Veg specialist) 发布于 2012年10月2日周二

In 1990, Vowles earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for producing the largest cucumber, weighing 18.5 pounds (approx. 8.4 kg). In 2013, he spent five weeks growing a massive marrow that weighed more than a baby hippo.

“We grow giant marrows, four foot in a month,” Vowles told Great Big Story. “These marrows would taste exactly the same as a normal marrow. Nice and tender and lush. Some of them look a bit tough, but once you cut into them, they cut like butter.”

According to Vowles, who grew up in a big family with 13 children and has 16 grandchildren in total, “big vegetables feed big families.”

Phillip Vowles (Giant Veg specialist) 发布于 2012年10月2日周二

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He works day in and day out on his one-acre allotment, which is located just down the road from his house.

Most of his time is spent on the field, while his wife, Brenda, also 67, toils away in the kitchen cutting up these super-sized vegetables for their family of 18.

By now, most readers would be convinced that Vowles knows a thing or two about gardening, particularly when two men and a stretcher are required to move a mega 4-foot marrow that he grew, as seen from the above pictures.

Land of the Giants Monday 19:30 BBC OnePhillip Vowles shares his giant seeds secrets. But will he be able to retain his crown this year?Land of the Giants Nos Lun 19.30 BBC OneMae Phillip Vowles yn rhannu ei gyfrinachau hadau. Ond, bydd hynny’n ddigon i amddiffyn ei goron eleni?

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“It was grown completely organically. We went to Italy on holiday and I brought some seeds back with me,” said Vowles. “I grew those and then cross pollinated them. It sounds very technical but it’s not.”

He continued, “I have done it for years—more or less all my life.”

Vowles revealed good seed, as well as plenty of time, love, and care are the secrets to growing impressive produce.

“The secret to them is all in the seed. You have got to have the right seed or else it won’t happen,” he told WalesOnline. “It’s all organic too. I do uses molasses too to help them grow bigger. But it’s mainly in the seed.”

Phillip Vowles (Giant Veg specialist) 发布于 2015年8月13日周四

“It’s a labor of love. I keep some of the seeds from everything I grow so I can continue to grow gigantic vegetables,” he said.

“Sometimes I do a bit of talking to them as well to encourage them to grow.”

Giant gourds and cucumbers aren’t the only plus-sized vegetables that are part of Vowles’s claim to fame. Late last year, the grandfather gardener showed off his staggering 176-pound (approx. 80-kilogram) cabbage on Facebook. This cabbage had a circumference of around 34 feet.

Weighing in at a whopping 205 kilos

Phillip Vowles (Giant Veg specialist) 发布于 2018年8月9日周四

“This is a giant cabbage which I have grown for the last thirty years from my own seed tex,” Vowles wrote on his Facebook page. “The cabbage has grown to this size because it was grown in a polytunnel.”

Speaking to BBC News, he said, “And I’ve grown sunflowers about 12 to 14 feet tall.”

Happy New Year to all my vegetable loving friend's all over the world. Let's hope 2019 is a good year of good health, happiness and lots of lovely Veg.

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Vowles has a like-minded social media following who share the joy of seeing his huge produce.

He takes to Facebook to share his tips on growing rather large vegetables. He’s also got an impressive video on growing sizeable marrows, including how to cut them at the season’s end to collect the seeds.

It’s not limited to just an obsession with producing tremendous produce. The family celebrates Vowles’s hard work with a harvest supper, which of course includes pumpkin and marrow, along with roast pork, potatoes, apple crumble, and custard.

Phillip Vowles (Giant Veg specialist) 发布于 2018年11月4日周日

“It’s just a hobby, I enjoy doing it,” he said.

“I’m an amateur gardener—if I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Vowles has taken his lifelong passion to the next level and has a great time with it too. He feels like a millionaire when he is in his allotment. For Vowles, size does matter.

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