Hilarious Moment a Frustrated Woman Drives Into a Half Marathon

By John Smithies, Epoch Times
May 21, 2018 Last Updated: May 21, 2018

This hilarious video shows a hapless woman trying to drive through a half marathon—and being pushed back by runners.

The woman, driving a blue Ford, pushes a traffic cone out of the way before trying to join the throng of athletes.

One man tries to stop the driver by pushing against the car, but to no avail, and she joins the flow of the runners.

Eventually, she is brought to a stop as a crowd gathers around her and an official arrives and tells her to stop.

In the video, filmed during Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon in Plymouth, Devon, the woman explains she was driving “very slowly.”

She says, “I can’t get out … listen, I have tried to get out every which way. I have a workshop in Okehampton. I have had no information … I went very slowly.”

Footage taken by eyewitness Rob Bricknell on Sunday shows the woman turning onto a busy road, which was shut for the event.

People around were clearly shocked and can be heard swearing at the woman—with one runner yelling she could have killed someone.

A council official then races over, telling the driver, “Don’t move, stay there,” to which she replies, “You phone the workshop [to tell them I’ll be late].”

Now, a Team GB athlete has taken to Twitter to condemn the woman’s actions.

Sprint hurdler David King described it as “disgusting behaviour” and said, “You need to watch the video to believe it”.

He added, “Why do some people think they are above the law and everyone else?”

Video credit: SWNS