Obese Couple Worry They Might Not Have Baby—1yr Later, They Shed 400Lb Together & Look Stunning

May 30, 2018 Last Updated: May 30, 2018

Lexi was 485 pounds (approx. 220 kg) at 25, and every small decision in her life seemed to revolve around her weight. Over the years, she had become used to giving up many things her peers took for granted. She couldn’t swim, hike, cycle, or even walk a block without tiring herself out. Getting into restaurant booths or even into her car had become humiliating.

It wasn’t that Lexi hadn’t tried to lose the weight. She had, but the kind of lifestyle change that was required couldn’t be achieved without enormous motivation and support. Lexi repeatedly found herself starting a new diet or exercise and then being forced to quit, and she was caught in a self-defeating cycle.

Then, Lexi decided to get married to her long-time boyfriend, David. As they began their new life, Lexi started to think about having a family in the future and the complications that might arise because of her obesity. David, who was carrying an extra hundred pounds himself, agreed that they needed to start making some changes towards a healthier life.

So, soon after, when 2015 drew to a close, Lexi and David decided to make a New Year’s resolution that they would keep. They challenged themselves to devote the next year to losing weight together.

It wasn’t easy at first. Lexi recalls that the first month had been the hardest. The couple had been used to eating out or ordering takeout for all their meals. Neither liked to cook, but they decided they had to change that about themselves. They researched the ideal calorie intake for both and started learning how to prepare home-cooked versions of the foods they loved to eat.

They gave up eating out with friends or going to the movies just to avoid the junk food that had become an intrinsic part of their daily lives and found that, after a while, the cravings for such foods began to die away slowly.

Alongside this, Lexi and David visited the gym five times a week. It was an uphill battle. All Lexi could make herself do in those initial days was stay on the treadmill for half an hour.

The promise they had made each other on the 1st of January, 2016, led Lexi to lose 234 pounds (approx. 106 kg) and David to shed 58 pounds (approx. 26 kg) by the end of the year! After another 11 months, the couple went on to achieve a total weight loss of 400 pounds (approx. 181 kg) between them! Today, Lexi weighs 182 pounds (approx. 83 kg), while Danny has dropped to 191 pounds (approx. 87 kg).

Throughout their two years of learning and changing, Lexi cataloged their journey on Instagram. By the end of 2017, @fatgirlfedup had become an inspiration to more than 514,000 followers.

Their message was simple: Instead of relying on surgeries, pills, or crash diets, start changing one habit at a time until you reach your goal of living a healthy life. The weight loss will follow inevitably, and you’ll have a much better relationship with your own body.

This couple shows how they lost a combined 400 pounds together by sticking with their New Year’s resolutions. See their incredible transformation in this inspiring video clip!