Half the Nation’s Schools Need Repairs

March 9, 2014 Updated: October 8, 2018

NEW YORK—More than half the nation’s public schools need repairs, according to a survey by The National Center for Education Statistics.

Based on March 6 report, 53 percent of public schools need repairs, renovations, and modernizations to put their buildings in “good overall condition.”

The report estimates $197 billion needs to be invested, about $4.5 million per school on average.

The most common problems involved the condition of windows and doors, plumbing, and heat regulation, including air conditioning and ventilation.

More than three out of four schools surveyed have permanent facilities in good or excellent condition. Only three percent were found to be in poor condition.

The survey of 1,800 schools in 50 states was conducted in the Spring of 2013. The response rate was 90 percent.

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