GTA 5 Online Heists Update: It’s Now Been About 330 Days Since ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has been Out; Criticism Flares Up; 1.16 DLC Patch Event was this Weekend

GTA Online has been out for a number of days but there’s no Heists DLC as was promised. Some users have taken to Rockstar’s support forums to complain this week.

One user noted that GTA IV, which came out on April 29, 2008, had its first full-story DLC The Lost and Damned come out about 294 days later.

“How long will Rockstar make their customers wait for the product feature they advertised? Why wont Rockstar tell us what has gone so horribly wrong with the development of this content?” the user said.

Some speculated that when the Heists DLC is released, “players will, I assume, make more money. This results in a subsequent drop in shark card revenue. Holding off on [heists] is probably at the request/benefit of publishers & shareholders. As a developer, probably are highly disappointed in what has happened to GTA Online.”

Rockstar a few months ago said it was working on the DLC and apologized for the delay.

The rumors about Heists have died down, but there’s one claiming that “male strippers” will be added to the game. DomisLive, the popular YouTube leaker, said that it appears unlikely that they’re coming out. He said that the “supposedly leaked game files” probably have to do with Peach.  

And on Tuesday, the 1.16 patch was released while Rockstar is holding a “San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend” that lasts from Friday to Sunday.

The event entails double RP and double GTA$ when doing the Flight School event playlist. There’s also double GTA$ for parachute jumps and air races.

“This weekend, August 22nd-24th, it’s time for fight AND flight as The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend takes off in GTA Online. That’s three days of big RP & GTA$ bonuses, an exclusive in-game Parachute Pack unlock, valuable discounts from a range of San Andreas local businesses, special competitions, giveaways and much more as you enjoy the all-new stomach-in-throat G-suit pounding Flight School content action that separates the Mavericks from the Whiskey Deltas once and for all,” the company said on its Newswire.