Groom Thinks Pastor Asked Him to ‘React’ When Bride’s Unveiled, and He Did Exactly That

February 12, 2019 Updated: February 12, 2019

For any couple, one of the most memorable moments of their lives is the day when they tie the knot. You could only imagine how delighted your partner would be if you knew how to take things up a notch to make the occasion even more special.

Seun Ajayi is a Nigerian actor, voice-over artist, and media entrepreneur. In 2017, he got married to the love of his life, Damilola Oluwabiyi, in a wedding ceremony that was just as amusing as beautiful.

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The couple reportedly had been seeing each other for two years before they finally sealed it. Apart from friends and family, several members of the Nigerian entertainment industry were present at the then-vibrant wedding.

Some of the A-list actors at the wedding included Kate Henshaw, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Wale Ojo, Rita Dominic, Frank Donga, Sola Sobowale, Etim Effiong, and Toyosi Phillips, among others.

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Ajayi’s entertainment isn’t limited to just the sets; he is known for being that tad bit “extra” in real life too.

On the day of the wedding, he put on a small yet effective show, and you can bet that all those who graced the wonderful occasion would never forget that special moment.

The Ojukokoro and Gidi Up actor revealed that the pastor told him not to hold back when he lifted the veil to see his bride.

Ajayi, who is known for his swashbuckling nature, literally took those words to heart.

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“What the minister had said to me was, ‘when you unveil your bride, we’ll like you to react,’” Ajayi told Ife Ajagbe on Celeb Stopover Unscripted, according to

“I can tell you for free that it was a true reaction from my heart.”

In the video, Ajayi is seen lifting the veil slowly and gracefully. The guests begin to sense that the drama is about to unfold, and cheer for the couple.

After he lifts the veil, Ajayi’s expression was of one filled with complete awe. The action begins as he grins widely, claps his hands in a funny way, and does a little spin.

It was clearly the highlight of the wedding, one that would remain etched in the memories of all those involved.

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After that, Ajayi finally kisses the bride. Some of the onlookers might agree that the bride was too beautiful to be kissed just like that. The theatrics that the groom put on was fully warranted.

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Ever since the marriage, he has been active on social media, and those who follow him closely know that his excitement hasn’t decreased one bit.

Some of his favorite memories are shared on his Instagram, where he mentions that he “hit the jackpot” by marring Oluwabiyi.

In another post, he declares that marrying her was “the best decision I have ever made in my life.”

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At the start of this year, the couple had some more good news to share as they welcomed a baby boy, Modebare, into their family on Jan. 4.

It’s going to be interesting to see if his son grows up to be as charismatic as him.

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Watch the beautiful moment unfold in full effect: