Grief-Stricken Mom of Stillborn Baby Grateful to Nurse Who Spoke to Her ‘Soul’

March 19, 2019 Updated: March 25, 2019

Losing a baby before it even had a chance at life is something most people would feel uncomfortable discussing.

Unfortunately, it is one of life’s curved balls, and you never know whom it might strike.

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Everyone deals with grief differently, and one young mom was able to reach out through her heartbreak to the compassionate nurse who helped her deal with her loss. Thinking of others was utmost in her mind, as she wrote a caring note of thanks.

“I entered that room already in the final stage of labor, and at 20 weeks pregnant, we both knew my baby would not be coming home with me. Just two days earlier, I had heard the beautiful sound of my baby’s heartbeat, but there was no way to tell if it was still resonating from within or if it had gone silent,” the mom wrote on LoveWhatMatters.

TO THE NURSE WHO HELD MY STILLBORN BABYI trudged through those steel doors of the labor and delivery unit, my legs…

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Imagine the heartbreak of that realization; it would be almost too much to bear. This brave mom was so grateful to have the support of the hospital staff, especially one who had been through the same experience of losing a baby.

“As the contractions shook my body, you held my hand. As the doctor confirmed the death of my baby, you wiped my tears. As I lay in that lonely hospital bed, my body hollowed out by death, your words of understanding spoke to my soul. For you too had experienced the loss of a baby.”

The doctor had discouraged her to see the dead newborn, probably out of concern, but the grieving mom had other ideas.

“After momentarily leaving the room, you returned with my baby, wrapped in a blanket, head covered in a pastel bonnet. My baby who weighed less than a pound. My baby whose own breath had ceased and had caused mine to temporarily do the same,” she wrote.

The nurse showed a mom in the throes of her grief that all life is important, even those loved ones who are here but for a fleeting few moments.

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Christmas can be a difficult time for mothers who have lost a baby.After all, it is a holiday centered around the…

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“You told me that my baby’s early death did not take away from the importance of his life. Your words were authentic, but it was the look in your eyes that validated this important truth. You treated my baby like a human being and you treated me with compassion as I had unwillingly become a bereaved mother,” she added.

This mom will never forget her unborn baby; she never had the chance to look into his eyes, but her love for him is undying. And her gratitude to the nurse on that fateful day will also remain with her forever.

These are the days I want to remember.The days I want THEM to remember.Ordinary days draped in calm and cozy, our…

A Beautifully Burdened Life by Jenny Albers 发布于 2018年10月28日周日

“And as you held my baby, you also held my heart. And now, I hold you in my heart. For I will never forget how you handled the two of us with such care.”

“I’m certain I said ‘Thank you’ before I walked out of that hospital room. But I wanted to say it again. Thank you.”