Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale, Where to Watch it Online

May 21, 2010 Updated: May 21, 2010

The "Grey’s Anatomy" season finale created such a stir Thursday that fans are still raving about the plot line and its intensity. Writers did all they could to create a dramatic climax for the show that drew in high ratings all season.

A hospital is a dramatic setting in nature, and with good writers along with talented actors, captivating television can be delivered. Emotions ran high and tears were flowing as a multitude of life or death situations ensued with intertwining love stories in the mix.

Moments in the show gave some viewers goose bumps while others were made teary eyed. Some critics are saying that the plot was a little unbelievable and overly sensational. The writers’ induced emotional roller coaster delivered a memorable ending, but strayed slightly from the real world of modern medicine.

The show started out with gun fire and tears, much like any other show created to leave a lasting impression on its audience, and didn't stop delivering plot twists until the credits. The hospital where Grey’s Anatomy unfolds was infiltrated by a mad gunman, adding to the drama in the already roller coaster-like hospital.

The fictional hero-like medical staff had to battle the clock with beds full of life or death cases while a crazed gunman stalked down the hallways shooting their coworkers. Links were drawn to the ongoing military engagement in Iraq which seems to have fallen off the map in the American media.

You can watch every intense moment of the final episode on for free.