Grey’s Anatomy Season 11: New Cast Member Revealed? (+Projected Premiere Date)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 will likely have at least several new cast members because of departures, and one of them may have been revealed.

The ABC show will continue without Dr. Cristina Yang as well as Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles in regular roles, although the latter two may return as guest stars.

Other regulars, on the other hand, are set to return, including Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, and Derek Shephard.

Joining them may be Robert McHalffey, a 29-year-old actor hoping to make it big.

“I had an audition for Grey’s Anatomy two months ago,”  he told the Los Angeles Times.

“Regardless if I get the part, I was in the room. They know who I am. It’s the little victories.”

The struggling actor admits that it’s been tough getting footing in the industry but refuses to give up.

“I’m persistent,” he said. “I’ll keep watering the plant until there’s a plant.” He added he doesn’t have to vie with women or action hero-types for parts. His actor gene pool is specific: “I only have to compete with actors my type: 6-1 and who look like me. I have to be the best.”

As for a projected premiere date, ABC has confirmed that season 11 will premiere in September 2014, and that it will air Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EDT. Based on past premiere dates, the season will likely begin on September 26.

Also, just like season 10, the season will be split into two parts. The first part will air on consecutive nights through mid-December. The second part of the season will start in late February and run through mid-May.

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