[VIDEO] Grandpa builds 3 exciting ROLLER COASTERS in his backyard for his grandchildren

November 28, 2017 Last Updated: December 23, 2017

Roller coasters are such a thrilling treat, and what could be better than owning one!

Paul Gregg worked with Boeing for 34 years as an aerospace engineer. He has put his expertise into practice for the benefit of his grandchildren by designing and building the most awesome and exciting roller coasters in his backyard in Seattle.

Gregg built the cars out of timber and metal—one looks like a rocket and the other like a little racing car.

To set the cars in motion, he pushes the cars up the hill until the cars pick up speed, and then they take themselves around the track.

The track is full of twists and exciting turns, which make the kids squeal in delight.

This particular coaster is known as the Little Rocket and is actually the smallest of the trio in his garden.

Gregg has built three roller coasters: “Little Rocket” is the smallest, the biggest one is “Smaug The Terrible,” and there is also the “Negative G” ride that takes kids a little way up a slope before propelling them back in the direction they came from.

This loving grandpa has also published a book on backyard roller coasters to assist parents in building them.