Hospital Guard Goes Beyond the Call Of Duty After Learning 82-Year-Old Struggling in ICU

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
January 2, 2019 Updated: January 7, 2019

The story of Ryan Lamocso—a kind hospital security guard from the Philippines—went viral for a heartwarming reason: He became a hero for saving an elderly grandmother’s life.

Lamocso’s heroic act was shared on Facebook in November 2017 by Mica Austria-Corporal, of Las Piñas City, the Philippines.

It all happened when Austria-Corporal’s grandmother was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Las Piñas Doctors Hospital due to a stroke, 24 Oras reported.

Mica Austria 发布于 2017年11月18日周六

Working as a security guard, Lamocso always kept track of the visitors coming in and out of the hospital. He noticed Austria-Corporal’s mom had been staying at the hospital for a long time, and he saw her weeping outside the hospital one day.

Concerned, Lamocso approached her, asking, “Ma’am, you are so long here.. 3 weeks now.”

Austria-Corporal’s mom said, “Yes, it’s my mother.”

She said her mother needed blood transfusion. However, the hospital had a shortage of type O+ blood, and she couldn’t donate as she was staying up late to care for her sick mom.

Mica Austria 发布于 2017年11月18日周六

Hearing that her mother was in need of type O+ blood, Lamocso, without hesitation, offered his blood. “Let’s go, ma’am. Let’s go to the laboratory,” he told her.

After going through the procedure at the laboratory, Lamocso eventually donated his blood to Austria-Corporal’s grandma. Thanks to Lamocso’s help, the grandmother was well again.

Austria-Corporal expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Lamocso for his selfless gesture, which possibly helped save her grandmother’s life.

Mica Austria 发布于 2017年11月18日周六

“Please share!” she wrote. “Thank you security guard, very kind of you, we don’t have to wait long for the blood for grandma. There are still a lot of good people, even if you think there aren’t.”

The post spread far and wide, racking up more than 55,000 reactions and over 8,600 comments. Many social media users saluted Lamocso for the good job he had done.

“I salute you, Sir! I hope many more like you!” one user wrote.

Mica Austria 发布于 2017年11月18日周六

Another chimed in, “That’s the real hero.”

“God bless you. God rewards the good. You will have yours,” another commented.

Of course, Lamocso was glad to help the grandma.

“I’m happy that we could extend the life of a person with the blood we gave,” Lamocso told 24 Oras.

Lamocso, you’re truly a hero for going the extra mile to help a sick patient!

May this story inspire you to help others or become someone’s hero simply by giving blood to save lives.


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