Grand Canyon Filled with Clouds: Rare Sight in Pictures

December 2, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Grand Canyon was filled with clouds during a rare inversion, and the beautiful sight was captured in pictured by park rangers.

During the inversion, freezing fog filled the canyon, the national park said. Inversion clouds moving, forming, and dissolving are caused by the interaction of warm and cold air masses and currents.

The clouds stretched all the way to the horizon.

“Rangers wait for years to see it,” the park said. “Word spread like wildfire and most ran to the rim to photograph it.”

People were enthused about the pictures. “People overuse the word ‘amazing’… This truly is AMAZING. Thank you for posting this phenomenal pic,” said Linda Dyar Papa about one of the photos.

Check out more photos below.
















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