Got $300k? Get Ferrari’s First Winter-Proof 4WD Car (In-Depth Review, Video)

Ferrari FF is World's Fastest Limousine
By Florian Godovits, Epoch Times

The Ferrari FF not only is the first four-wheel-drive car that the Italian Sports Car Manufacturer has ever produced. It is also the world’s fastest 4-seat-limousine, ramping up the speed from 0-60 Mph in close to no time – okay, in 3.7 seconds to be fair. Fast enough to not only give those in the back the feeling of being kicked by the horse that depicts the company’s logo ever since its foundation in 1947.

To be precise, it’s exactly 651 horses that will be working on your back, all stomping in the 6.3 litre engine. A V12 it is – what else, my friend? With its magnesium paddles and VDA drive modes the Ferrari FF can easily be put into Formula-1-mode. Impressive how smooth the enormous power unfolds, rendering the passengers in the fond able to play with the built-in iPads – one of the many Extras that can be had for the Ferrari FF.

Without any of the Extras, the Ferrari FF comes for a starting price of $298,750. For that you will get a lot of fun for you and the passengers who are with you – and the absolute certainty that nobody will ever overtake you – unless you let them pass generously.