Go Epoch Times!!

November 26, 2019 Updated: July 10, 2020

Thank you for balancing the table (or at least for trying to balance the table) when it comes to the media. I haven’t watched television for over 25 years, I no longer go to the movies, and I am about to give up on YouTube and other online outlets because they tend to push a leftist agenda.

I couldn’t tolerate it when they were just introducing it to TV (25 years ago), and I can tolerate it even less now. You have my full support. I place your paper in the waiting room at my clinic so everyone can read it. I even pick it up now and again and read it for myself, but newspapers have stood for the left for so long now that just the appearance of a newspaper rubs me wrong… which is why I don’t read the papers!

Keep doing what you’re doing, and I will keep my subscription. Go Epoch Times!!

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The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn